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LARP Distribution is your leading U.S. and Canada wholesale distributor for the Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles, Mystic Colonial and Epic Armoury product lines. Our product line consists of Live Action Roleplaying weapons, leather and steel armour, leather accessories, and medieval clothing that is ever expanding. These props and products are for action packed live role-playing adventures, medieval events and renaissance faires. The brands we carry are designed and manufactured with focus on functionality and safety. The Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles and Epic Armoury product range offers products for both beginning and experienced LARP players. Our product lines were developed by a team of employees who have a passion for LARP, Re-enactors and Collectors.

We aim to meet the requirements of our customers and to make available to you what is not easily found anywhere else. Our product assortment features many different themes and styles within the product groups such as latex foam weaponry, metal armour, leather armor, medieval clothing, camp gear, and a selection of character accessories such as belt, bags, thieves tools and much more.

If you are a retailer, please refer to the Become A Dealer page to open an account. If you are a consumer, please refer to our authorized retailer page to see where you can purchase these product lines.

LARP Weaponry

Mytholon and Epic Armoury’s weapon collection range from the historical style to high fantasy, and we always aim to stand out in a crowd. Our LARP Weaponry range includes: swords, daggers, axes, maces, shields, bucklers, spears, staffs, and more. Our latex weapons are constructed using layers of foam coated in 100% natural latex, while our injection moulded weapons are made by injecting or pouring expanding, polyurethane foam into a mould. Our LARP weapons use a fibreglass core which provides durability and flexibility for your comfort and control. Fibreglass cores have the ability to absorb impact and minimize the force of the blow. All Epic Armoury LARP weapons with a core are secured by Kevlar or tube tip protection. Epic Armoury’s diverse range of weaponry features a fantastic array of colors and designs. Whether you play as a mighty orc, a stealthy rogue, or a noble knight, we have a design that fits your needs. Mytholon and Epic Armoury’s LARP weapons are made by LARPers for LARPers.

Metal Armour

Our metal armour is designed with focus on comfort and functionality. Metal armour designs range from fantasy to historical pieces. Mix our interchangeable pieces to create your own personal style, or consider one of our complete sets. Metal armour includes helmets, bracers, greaves, gauntlets, breastplates, backplates, gorgets, pauldrons and tassets. Our metal armours are designed with the player in mind. Our armour is comfortable and easy to wear in high mobility situations. We focus on strengthening the metal by creating designs that support the shape and stiffness of the material, thus keeping it light and strong enough to withstand the roughest of LARP battles. Metal armour pieces use 20 to 16 gauge mild steel. Remember the gambeson to support your armour wear, and make it more comfortable.

Leather Crafts

Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles and Epic Armoury  produces both leather armor plus a collection of matching bracers and greaves. Furthermore, we have a great selection of quivers, sword holders, daggers holders and throwing knife holders to keep your weaponry safe and within arms reach. Their leather armor pieces are inspired by historical pieces as well as fantasy designs and range from bracers to full sets of leather armor. This collection of leather includes costumes and practical medieval accessories designed for men, women and children. With Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles and Epic Armoury leather crafts you have endless possibilities to customize and style your costume. Many items have snares, eyelets, and rings for your customization. Thanks to our eclectic array of products, we can supply you with whatever leather items you need to complete your unique costume.

Medieval Clothing

All characters need a good base to build on, and LARP is much more than battleground action. Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles and Epic Armoury clothing wants to offer multi usable pieces of clothes, constructed with focus on practical abilities and durability. Medieval clothing designs include tunics, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, capes, hoods, tabards, robes, gambesons, and purses and belts. Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles and Epic Armoury medieval clothing is constructed with a focus on practicality, design and common sense, our products will make you look great and keep you comfortable.


Don’t forget to accessorize your character. Mytholon, House of Warfare, Lord of Battles, Mystic Colonial and Epic Armoury makes character accessories that adds that little extra touch of ambience for every gamer; the small things you need to complete your outfit. A scout is a better scout with a telescope and a thief is a better thief with our thieves tools. Bags and belts is a must for every role, and a pair of handcuffs, well, you never know when they can come in handy too. Our accessories include belts, weapon holders, pouches and bags, camping gear and game props. LARP Distribution is sure that you will have everything you need for your LARP event or Renaissance Fair.

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