Kovira Canvas Gambeson


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Travel back to the medieval era and dive into its style with the Kovira Canvas Gambeson. Designed for history aficionados and adventure enthusiasts alike, the gambeson is an indispensable addition to any reenactment attire, cosplay ensemble, or LARP wardrobe.

Versatile Style and Rugged Elegance

Crafted to meet diverse needs, the Kovira Canvas Gambeson comes in an appealing palette of two select colors, ensuring that you find the best match for your historical garb. Each shade fortifies your presence on the battlefield or at any themed event.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each warrior, our gambeson is available in three distinct sizes, offering a comfortable and secure fit that complements the contours of your form. The gambesons cropped design ends at the waist, enhancing mobility and allowing effortless pairing with period-appropriate trousers or armor.

Secured confidently at the front with a robust cord, the graceful ties are finished with ornate brass tips, adding a glint of nobility to your attire. The gambeson boasts a dignified standing collar, reinforcing its presence while granting protection to the neck. Additional ties at the neck allow for attaching pieces of armour such as pauldrons.

A Celebration of Detail

Exquisite diamond-shaped quilting embodies the heart of this garment, providing not only visual allure but also an additional layer of padding. At each quilting junction point sits a meticulously placed square leather accent, creating a tastefully arranged pattern that brims with historic charm.

The Kovira Canvas Gambeson is finished with leather trim, outlining the cuffs, hem, gambeson opening, and collar. These trims boast not just aesthetic merit but also lend a sturdiness to areas prone to wear, ensuring that this masterpiece stands the test of both time and adventure.

Your Companion for Legendary Encounters

Whether brandishing a sword in sunlit meadows or navigating the politics at the royal court, our Kovira Canvas Gambeson ensures that you embody the spirit of the age. It is the ultimate declaration of your dedication to the craft of historical reenactments, the passion of cosplay, and the thrill of LARP events.

Elevate your historical ensemble with the Kovira Canvas Gambeson — where each stitch is a homage to the past, reviving the soul of chivalrous days with elegance and durability. Make history not just a subject to learn but an experience to live.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Color Options: Choose between two classic colors to seamlessly integrate the gambeson into your historical or fantasy wardrobe.
  • Size Variability for Perfect Fit: Available in three sizes, designed to accommodate and flatter different body shapes, ensuring comfort and ease of motion.
  • High Mobility Design: Features a cropped style for enhanced movement, ideal for dynamic combat scenes or intricate cosplay portrayals.
  • Elegant Closure System: Front closure secured with a sturdy cord and finished with decorative brass tips, providing both functionality and a touch of regal elegance.
  • Protective Collar with Armor Attachment Options: A standing collar not only adds style but offers neck protection, with additional ties for affixing armor pieces.
  • Exquisite Quilting and Accents: Diamond-shaped quilting with leather accents at each junction, combining aesthetic appeal with added durability.
  • Ideal for Various Historical Activities: A versatile garment that suits an array of events, from reenactment battles to LARP adventures and cosplay gatherings.


  • Made from cotton canvas
Chest CircumferenceOverall LengthSleeve LengthShoulder WidthHemCollar Height
Small/Medium36 inches18 inches8.6 inches15 inches31.5 inches2.9 inches
Large/X-Large43 inches18.5 inches9.25 inches15 inches39.5 inches3 inches
XX-Large/XXX-Large51 inches18.75 inches9.5 inches15 inches45.5 inches3 inches

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