Our Stygian LARP gear at LARP Distribution all has a dark fantasy vibe, and the wholesale products we supply include LARP weapons, armour, and prosthetics befitting dark elves, sorcerers, witches, and more. Our dark elf LARP weapons are similar to those of the Ethereal LARP line but have a darker color scheme and more foreboding design elements. Here you will also find leather LARP armour pieces befitting assassins, sorcerers, and dark elf warriors, as well as our Epic Dark LARP armour. These steel armour pieces have all been given a darkened finish. Our dark elf prosthetics and make-up include face paint, elf ears, demon horns, and other costume effects to better transform LARPers into their character of choice. For wholesale LARP gear befitting a dark fantasy setting, shop our Stygian LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and prosthetics.

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