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Arno Small Knife with Leather Sheath

Item # MY100923
When camping, a good knife is always an important item to have on hand. Carry the Arno Small Knife and Leather Sheath on you when exploring the wilderness or simply staying near base camp. It is ideal for a variety of camp tasks.

Asmund Knife with Sheath

Item # MY100924
Be a modern Viking outdoorsman with the Asmund Knife and Sheath. Inspired by Scandinavia, this horn and wood decorated knife is a great addition to any collection or everyday use. Carry this piece of elegant functionality with you.

Belisar Damascus Knife

Item # MY100925
A traveler or camper needs a trusty knife for many situations. The Belisar Damascus Knife works for a variety of needs whether at camp or on the road. Add it to your collection as a great working knife or functional showpiece.

Brid Knife

Item # MY100929
Need a knife for camp? Add the Brid Knife for your next packing trip. Hang it anywhere in your tent with the curved handle. This attractive blade is also great for a knife collection or display as it calls to mind a medieval forge.

Brodir Knife

Item # MY100931
Any collection would have a great addition with the Brodir Knife. The beautiful handle stands out as it is made from several slices of wood. Carry it in its included leather sheath. This knife makes for a great conversation piece.

Erbil Knife

Item # MY100934
Whether in the desert, the woods, or at home, the Erbil Knife with its included sheath is a great addition to any kit. Wear it on your belt or display it as part of a collection. The camel bone handle makes it a great showpiece.

Eskil Knife

Item # MY100936
Sometimes you want a more streamlined knife for your daily needs. The Eskil Knife is ideal for completing a variety of tasks. This straight back, steel knife is easy to handle and clean. Wear it with its included leather sheath.

Farmers Knife with Leather Sheath

Item # MY100937
Looking for a functional knife to add to your peasant or farmer persona? Use the Farmers Knife with the included Leather Sheath for everyday tasks at camp. It is great for both fantasy roleplaying and for practical modern-day use.

Finan Knife

Item # MY100938
When hunting in the wild, one of the jobs that an outdoorsman requires of a good knife is to skin an animal. While designed for skinning, the Finan Knife can tackle a variety of jobs. This knife features the typical blade shape.

Geirolf Knife

Item # MY100941
For the person wanting a streamlined yet decorative knife, the Geirolf Knife is ideal. This knife would feel at home with any outdoorsman or admirer of nature. Wear it into the woods or at camp with the included leather sheath.

Ingva Crafting Knife

Item # MY100516
The elongated handle of the Ingva Crafting Knife allows the artisan to apply more pressure when adding fine detail to leather and wood. Its blade is similar to a scalpel, perfect for creating handcrafts that highlight your skills.

Jaros Knife

Item # MY100955
Sometimes you need a knife that can do many different tasks. The Jaros Knife is functional enough to take on many jobs in a variety of places and conditions. This streamlined tool works well in the woods, at home, or on the farm.