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Paddy Stove Pipe Hat

Item # MY100538
The Paddy Stove Pipe Hat is a perfect fit for characters from the 18th to 20th centuries. Whether you choose the Old West or a Steampunk realm for your setting, the number of roles available is limited only by your imagination.

Ragi Fur Cap

Item # MY100329
Dress yourself in the practical style of the North with the Ragi Fur Cap. Made of suede, this hat features a band of faux fur. With this hat, you can guard yourself against winter winds and snows or just stay cozy on a cooler day.

Stefan Wool Beret

Item # MY100702
In many cases, the hat makes the man. You can tell whether a villager is a baker, an artist, or a farmer all by the look of his hat. The Stefan Wool Beret will help you define who your Ren Fair character is as a medieval villager!