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Anna Bonnet

Item # MY100917
Bonnets are not just for the prairie. Women wore bonnets in many eras, including the medieval age. This Anna Bonnet resembles many of those headpieces. It is ideal for historical reenactments, fantasy conventions, and LARP events.

Greta Maidservant Cap

Item # MY100942
A lady of any status wore a bonnet, including the wives of farmers, merchants, or traders. The Greta Maidservant Cap is a great accessory. Wear this medieval hat at any fantasy convention, historical reenactment, or LARP event.

Paddy Stove Pipe Hat

Item # MY100538
The Paddy Stove Pipe Hat is a perfect fit for characters from the 18th to 20th centuries. Whether you choose the Old West or a Steampunk realm for your setting, the number of roles available is limited only by your imagination.

Ragi Fur Cap

Item # MY100329
Dress yourself in the practical style of the North with the Ragi Fur Cap. Made of suede, this hat features a band of faux fur. With this hat, you can guard yourself against winter winds and snows or just stay cozy on a cooler day.

Stefan Wool Beret

Item # MY100702
In many cases, the hat makes the man. You can tell whether a villager is a baker, an artist, or a farmer all by the look of his hat. The Stefan Wool Beret will help you define who your Ren Fair character is as a medieval villager!