Steel Gorgets

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Dark Warrior Gorget

Item # MCI-2538
Take on the role of a fiendish knight or appear as a powerful battlemage at your next LARP event. The versatile design of the Dark Warrior Gorget allows you to customize your character, while protecting your lower neck and throat.

Epic Dark Imperial Bevor

Item # MCI-3085

Call for your squire, and prepare for battle. Bandits threaten the villagers. Duty calls you to rid the realm of this filth. Put on your suit of armour, including the Epic Dark Imperial Bevor as protection for your neck and chin.


Gothic Gorget with Pauldrons

Item # MCI-2561
Become a symbol of hope to your kingdom, in a traditional suit of armour that hints at the divine. Whether you are a dauntless crusader or a noble knight, the Gothic Gorget with Pauldrons increases both your defense and style.

Gustav Gorget

Item # MY100295
Made of 16 gauge polished steel, the Gustav Gorget is a versatile piece of plate armour suitable for a variety of LARP and other medieval inspired outfits. It can be worn both over and under a breastplate as well as on its own.

Kaspar Blackened Gorget

Item # MY100636
Past skirmishes have taught you well. Suiting up for the next battle, you wear the Kaspar Blackened Gorget to protect your neck. Handcrafted from high-quality steel, this unique neck guard is meant to be worn underneath torso armour.

Kaspar Steel Gorget

Item # MY100635
Neck protection is a vital part of any soldiers armour. The Kaspar Steel Gorget does the job with style. Inspired by the armour worn by 16th and 17th century fighters, this Renaissance gorget is handcrafted from high-quality steel.

King Gorget

Item # MCI-2542
Prosperity and peace mark the successful rule of your family line, but now a threat arises to destroy all for which your people have strived. Lead your knights to victory with the King Gorget safeguarding your neck and upper chest.

Lena Steel Choker Gorget

Item # MY100228
Arise, mighty warrior, and ready yourself. Join your sisters upon the battleground. Let us show those barbarians that our deadly talents are not exaggerated. Let the Lena Steel Choker Gorget grace your neck with its beauty and strength.

Small Blackened Balthasar Gorget

Item # MY100053
The Small Blackened Balthasar Gorget is a stylish piece of neck armour, its elegant lines and riveted detailing along the edges helping it to stand out. The steel gorget features a dark metal finish that suits warlords and rogues.

Small Steel Balthasar Gorget

Item # MY100052
The Small Steel Balthasar Gorget is a stylish piece of neck armour, its elegant lines and riveted detailing along the edges helping it to stand out. The steel gorget features a bright metal finish that suits knights and champions.

Soldiers Gorget - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3522
The top of the chest is just as important as any other body part, perhaps more so. Protect your upper chest with the Polished Steel Soldiers Gorget. Multiple costumes and ensembles benefit from the addition of this armour piece.

Steel Adam Gorget

Item # MY100048
The Steel Adam Gorget offers excellent protection to your neck with its sturdy construction. The Adam-style armour features stiff corrugated detailing along the outer rims, adding classic style and stability to the design.