Steel Armour Packages

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Edward Darkened Armour Set

Item # MY100605
Dark clouds gather, omens of approaching war. Dressed in the Edward Darkened Armour Set, you are prepared for the battle. This handcrafted, blackened steel armour set includes a cuirass with matching pairs of tassets and spaulders.

Edward Steel Armour Set

Item # MY100604
Arm yourself for battle and prepare to defend your kingdom. The Edward Steel Armour Set contains a matching chest plate, back plate, pair of tassets, and pair of spaulders, helping you easily transform into a noble medieval knight.

Galahad Paladin Armour Set

Item # MY100221
Ever the brave and gallant knight, you have become the right hand of your monarch. Tales of your heroic exploits fill the land. The noble beauty and strength of the Galahad Paladin Armour Set shields one worthy of its protection.