Crusader Knight Great Helm


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Looking out of the Crusader Knight Great Helm, you spy the enemy approaching the battlefield. Prepare for combat! This helmet is worthy of many knights, Crusaders, and other warriors. Wear it to your next medieval event.

Made from mild steel, this medieval helmet features a classic, historical style. It comes in two gauges. This riveted helmet is cylindrical with a flat top. Also, the Crusader helmet secures onto the head with a leather chin strap.

On the front, a black plate forms the shape of a cross with rounded V-shaped ends. The cross covers the center of the knight helmet. In the center, it has a rectangular eye slot. Below it are ventilation holes on each cheek in the shape of smaller crosses.

On the inside, the medieval helmet has an adjustable canvas liner. This Crusader helmet is wonderful for medieval reenactments, LARP battles, and cosplay events. Feel like a knight ready for battle wearing this helm.

Great Helm History

The Great Helm is one of the most depicted medieval helmets in media. It is often considered the quintessential Crusader helmet. Historically, this helmet had its largest usage from 1220 to 1350.

This slots in around the 6th Crusade through the beginning of the Hundred Years War, basically the latter half of the High Middle Ages into the beginning of the Late Middle Ages. It also had the names of pot helm, bucket helm, and barrel helm. It is a popular style of helmet amongst medieval reenactors.

Be sure to wear this helmet with an arming cap for enhanced comfort and safety. And remember to check out our helmet stands for the best way to both store and show off your helmet with pride!

Key Features:

  • Features a blackened cross design
  • Based on historical great helms
  • Secures with a chin strap
  • Has cross-shaped ventilation holes
  • Ideal for cosplay, LARPing, and reenacting


  • Made from mild steel

Care Instructions:

  • Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.
Head CircumferenceOverall Height
One Size26.5 inches13.5 inches

16 Gauge, 18 Gauge

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