Ashworth Medieval Wall Hooks – Set of 2


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Meet the Set of 2 Ashworth Medieval Wall Hooks – not just functional, but a captivating duo that brings a touch of medieval charm to elevate your home decor. Each hook in this set is meticulously handmade from iron, ensuring durability and robustness that stands the test of time. The craftsmanship shines through in every detail, from the elegantly curled tips designed to hold your cherished items securely, to the mesmerizing grooves etched in a star-like design at the top back of each hook, adding an element of medieval allure to their aesthetic.

But the beauty of these hooks does not stop at their appearance. The thoughtful inclusion of a hole at the top of each piece makes attaching them to your wall a breeze, allowing you to transform any space into a scene straight out of a medieval tale with ease. The blackened finish on each hook not only enhances their antique look but also adds a layer of protection, ensuring that they maintain their majestic charm even with regular use.

Whether you are hanging coats in the hallway, towels in the bathroom, or displaying your collection of vintage tapestries, the Ashworth Medieval Wall Hooks provide a perfect blend of elegance, strength, and historical charm. This set is a testament to the time-honored techniques of ironwork, creating a connection to the past that is both functional and decorative. Add a touch of medieval enchantment to your decor with these handcrafted treasures.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: With elegantly curled tips and star-like grooves etched at the top back, these hooks add medieval charm to any decor.
  • Easy Installation: A pre-drilled hole at the top of each hook makes wall mounting simple and straightforward.
  • Protective Finish: A blackened finish not only contributes to their antique appearance but also provides a layer of protection against wear and tear.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for hanging coats, towels, or showcasing vintage tapestries, these hooks blend elegance and functionality beautifully.
  • Time-Honored Craftsmanship: Reflects the skill and tradition of medieval ironwork, connecting your home decor with a piece of history.


  • Handmade from iron


  • Height: 4.3 Inches
  • Width: 0.8 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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