LARP Daggers

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Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger

Item # MY100751
When you are out exploring and pillaging in untamed lands, you never know when you might need a knife. Prepare yourself for any situation with the Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger, the perfect secondary weapon for any Viking character.

Durik LARP Knife

Item # MY100711
In times of peril, even the smiths and craftsmen must rise up to fight evil alongside their armoured brethren. You can keep the dark forces at bay while also playing true to your trade when you go to battle with the Durik LARP Knife.

Heinrich LARP Dagger

Item # MY100744
Any knight knows that keeping a variety of blades provides the best chances of surviving a battle. That is why it is always a good idea to keep a secondary weapon on your person, and what better secondary than the Heinrich LARP Dagger?

Reuven LARP Knife

Item # MY100766
A sword is fine and dandy on the battlefield, but you like to get a little closer to your enemies, to see the fear in their eyes. For the upper hand in short-range combat, few weapons are better than the formidable Reuven LARP Knife.

Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger

Item # MY100756
Orcs are vicious and mean, and when it comes to killing, it is not so much about a quick, clean end as it is about a long and brutally painful one. That is why a true orc prefers a rugged weapon like the Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger.