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Beaded Leather Bracelet

Item # MCI-3264
The Beaded Leather Bracelet belongs to a LARPer who has traveled far. Whether you are completing a quest on behalf of your village or creating your own adventure, this jewelry pieces adds an edgy, tribal touch to your roleplay costume.

Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet - Medium

Item # HW-701060
The Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet in Medium is a statement-making accessory, whether you are dressing as an ancient Norse noble or adding a historical touch to even everyday outfits. Twisted lines accent this Viking brass cuff.

Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet - Small

Item # HW-701061
Bring a bit of brilliance to your historical look with the Small Brass Viking Cuff Bracelet . Twisted and braided lines accent its bright surface, making it perfect for adding just enough detail to a historical nobles look.

Elven Filigree Bracelet

Item # MCI-3265
Never forget the tribe to which you belong and your connection to nature with the Elven Filigree Bracelet. This accessory is perfect for the LARP warrior who must leave village life behind and defeat the great evil that threatens all.

Horn Necklace with Leather String

Item # HW-700261
For your medieval ensemble, it is important to leave no detail unfilled, from your boots to the jewelry you wear. The Horn Necklace with Leather String easily brings rugged style and eye-catching interest to any look.

Leather Cuff Bracelet

Item # MCI-3266
When adventuring into another realm, be it fantasy or historical, the Leather Cuff Bracelet adds a stylish touch to numerous roles. Take on the guise of Neo-Victorian or axe-wielding rogue with this buckled cuff decorating your wrist.

Leather Multi Braid Bracelet

Item # MCI-3263
The Leather Multi Braid Bracelet adds an extra touch of authenticity to many roles. It looks just as stylish on a Viking as it does a steampunk inventor or a medieval villager. After all, bracelets have been in fashion for ages.

Leather Multi Strap Bracelet

Item # MCI-3262
There is something edgy and tribal about leather jewelry. The layered look of the Leather Multi Strap Bracelet appeals to Neo-Victorians, Vikings, and rogues alike. It is a stylish match for those adorned with gadgetry or weapons.