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Unveil the mysteries and elegance of Celtic history with the Triquetra Celtic Cloak Pin. Referencing the “trinity knot” of Celtic origin, this stylish and fantastical brass pin dates back to the 7th Century CE, popular among the northern tribes and later adopted by many pop culture works inspired by the classic “three goddess” design.

A Design Steeped in Legend

Inspired by Celtic mythology and culture, this concept of triads references the “trinity knot.” This trinity knot is a symbol often revering three goddesses or three various symbols found in nature. With this engraved Celtic cloak pin, you too can invoke the spirits of nature.

Starting with the craftsmanship, this cloak pin is forged from pure brass, ensuring its beauty lasts as long as the timeless tales of heroes throughout Celtic lore. Additionally, the innovative pin at the center is rotatable, providing you with great opportunities for versatile use.

Not to mention, whether you’re fastening cloaks, capes, or any other clothing item, this pin offers seamless use without compromising style. Furthermore, the intricate knotwork is not just captivating but also rich in historical significance, echoing designs from the 7th Century CE.

In addition, while perfect for reenactments, LARP, and cosplay, its subtle yet noticeable charm also makes it an exquisite addition to your outfits. Moreover, it can be an ideal gift for history buffs, fantasy lovers, and Celtic art enthusiasts.

Mythical Celtic Allure

Each triquetra, meaning “three-cornered” in Latin, design on this brass Celtic cloak pin reflects the strength and elegance of the warriors and nobles who once roamed the land. Furthermore, the durable brass construction ensures your pin will be a treasured part of your collection for years to come.

In addition, this brass cloak pin offers a versatile and adjustable appeal to secure any part of your outfit. Whether you’re attending a Renaissance fair or going about your day, this medieval fantasy cloak pin will bring your story to life.

Moreover, this triquetra cloak pin will add an extra layer of depth to your ensemble, bringing your character ideas to the forefront of any convention or social gathering. In conclusion, embark on an adventure through Celtic mythology by adding this Celtic cloak fibula to your ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Celtic Knotwork: Engraved with ornate Celtic symbology, empower the three goddesses with this Celtic cloak brooch.
  • Rotatable Pin: This cloak pin combines versatility with style thanks to a rotatable pin for securing any piece of clothing.
  • Perfect for Any Ensemble: Serving as more than just a fastening device, this brass cloak brooch can become a great accessory for costumes, cosplays, and everyday wear.
  • Celtic Legend Aesthetic: Both modest and captivating, this brass Celtic pin stands as a unique adornment for enhancing your wardrobe with a regal flair.

Directions for Pinning Your Cloak to Your Fibula/Brooch:

  • Pierce the cloth where you want your pin to be holding your cloak.
  • Then pass the pin between the ends of the ring.
  • Rotate the ring 90 degrees under the pin tip.
  • Let it go, and the fabric will press the pin on the ring and close the brooch.


  • Made of pure brass


  • Length: 2.9 Inches
  • Diameter: 1.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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