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Embody the Great Wolf, the Devourer of the Nine Realms, and wear the Brass Viking Fenrir Torc as a monument to the valorous tales of Ragnarok.

Immerse Yourself in Legend

Step into your saga with this brass Viking torc, a magnificent piece of history and myth intertwined into a splendid adornment. Crafted for the modern warrior and enthusiast, this brass torc is a symbol of strength and daring for the legendary Vikings who colonized Europe.

Starting with its construction, this piece of Viking jewelry is made of pure brass, offering durability and the lustrous shine of the Viking golden age. Additionally, the ends of this torc necklace are fashioned in the syle of wolves, reflecting on the iconic strength of wolves in mythology. Furthermore, its intricate spiraled design replicates the rope used in ancient longships, adding depth and texture to its appearance.

Moreover, inspired by Scandinavian artifacts from the 10th Century, this brass neck ring serves as a faithful homage to Norse culture. Lastly, with a circumference of almost 20 inches, this Norse torc stands as a versatile piece for any outfit or cosplay.

Embrace a Mythological Essence

Not to mention, your Viking neck piece bears the pride and nobility of ancient Scandinavia, who also wore torcs looted from successful raids across the world. Drawing inspiration from an age of myth, this piece of brass Norse jewelry is wearable history, from its textured rope design to its solid brass composition.

Imagine the Great Wolf Father, Fenrir, bound by the gods, whose insatiable appetite is represented by the open mouthpieces on either end of the torc; a gaping maw to devour the cosmos. Additionally, named after Fenrir, the formidable child of Loki destined to cause Ragnarok; this Norse torc personifies the destruction of the gods.

Adorn Your Character in Norse Sagas

This Fenrir torc has a timeless elegance that is adaptable for any outfit, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you can pair this neck jewelry with most cosplays, unleashing the power of mighty Norse trailblazers.

In addition, this brass necklace is your companion for Renaissance fairs, SCA reenactments, and LARPing events. Furthermore, the textured details along the length enhances your style on any occasion.

To conclude, whether you’re a shieldmaiden or a Viking raider, this solid brass neck ring will be your stylish companion during your travels.

Key Features:

  • Superb Craftsmanship: The legendary craftsmanship of Nidavellir inspires this Viking neck piece, crafted from pure brass.
  • Fenrir’s Mythological Visage: The heads at either end of this torc embody the fierce and all-devouring Father of Wolves.
  • Compatible for Any Size or Cosplay: With an adaptable look and exquisite texture, this torc ensures an ornate and comfortable fit.
  • Authentic Viking Look: Accentuate your valor by wearing this Scandinavian torc piece.
  • Versatile Costume Piece: Enhance any outfit with this brass Fenrir torc complementing your ensemble.


  • Made of pure brass


  • Length: 18.1 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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