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Alva Apron Canvas Dress

Item # MY100427
The Alva Apron Canvas Dress takes inspiration from the overdresses, or hangerock, worn by Norse maidens during the Viking Age. Perfect for a time-traveling adventure into the exciting era when Viking raiders ruled the European coast.

Calla Canvas Dress

Item # MY100130
The perfect way to start your next period ensemble, the Calla Canvas Dress offers a simple yet attractive design suitable for Ren faires and other festivals scheduled in cooler months due to its high-quality cotton canvas fabric.

Clara Canvas Overdress

Item # MY100557
Confidently waltz through the room feeling like the most stylish maiden in the land while dressed in the Clara Canvas Overdress. Its sleeveless, lace-up bodice and open, gathered skirt are great for layering over your favorite outfit.

Esther Canvas Viking Apron Dress

Item # MY100822
Whether for sailing or raiding a town, the Esther Canvas Viking Apron Dress is perfect for a Norse maiden. Versatile enough to be easily added to a medieval or fantasy outfit, this Viking dress is ideal for a faire or LARP event.

Helena Canvas Dress

Item # MY100560
If you just cannot decide what color to wear, the Helena Canvas Dress has you covered. This medieval gown vertically displays two festive colors, ensuring an eye-catching look at your next reenactment event or Renaissance festival.

Heloise Canvas Dress

Item # MY100561
For those who are truly noble, just a subtle hint of gold is enough to portray your status. Wear the Heloise Canvas Dress, adorned with golden ribbon at the neck and sleeve cuffs, to elegantly display your refined sense of fashion.

Irene Canvas Dress

Item # MY100562
With its lace-up bust and quarter length sleeves, the Irene Canvas Dress will help you stand a step above the average peasant maiden. This full length medieval gown is made of cotton canvas in a slightly fitted A-line shape.

Iris Hooded Canvas Dress

Item # MY100444
Guide a party of adventurers into a LARP realm, put on a historical performance, or enjoy the festivities of a renaissance faire. Regardless of which event leads you to roleplay, the Iris Hooded Canvas Dress gets you into character.

Jasione Canvas Dress

Item # MY100447
With its traditional design, the Jasione Canvas Dress is perfect for a historical stroll through the Middle Ages or a LARP adventure into a high fantasy realm. Regardless, this medieval dress is a vital addition to your wardrobe.

Juliana Canvas Sideless Overdress

Item # MY100563
Reveal just enough when you layer the Juliana Canvas Sideless Overdress over your noble ensemble. Inspired by noblewomens fashion of the early 14th century, this medieval overgown adds fashionable finesse to historical looks.

Kids Lotte Dress

Item # MY100694
Light yet durable, the Kids Lotte Dress is the perfect starter for young ladies interested in historical reenactment or fantasy dress-up. This cream colored cotton dress has a classic fit great for layering or for wearing on its own.

Kirian Girls Dress

Item # MY100451
The fair maiden who dons the Kirian Girls Dress belongs to a kingdom ruled by a monarchy and defended by knights in shining armour. Perfect for the festive atmosphere of a renaissance fair or an exciting adventure within a LARP realm.