Torn Zombie Cheek Prosthetic


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All it takes is one grisly accident to turn you into a zombie! The Torn Zombie Cheek Prosthetic displays the result of one poor soul who lost part of their face before turning into a member of the undead horde of the apocalypse! This grotesque piece of zombie special effects makeup is made to look like the flesh on your cheeks has been destroyed, showing the muscle and teeth underneath. Made from high-quality latex, this Halloween application possesses slim edges that allow for more realistic blends, as well as large contact surfaces for a better and longer fit. The prosthetic comes unpainted, allowing you to customize your horribly wounded face as you see fit! Wear it on Halloween to scare people or use it in a costume!

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Key Features:

  • Features a torn flesh design
  • Unpainted for maximum customization
  • Large contact surfaces allow for better, longer holds
  • Slim edges allow for more believable blending
  • Great for costumes, SFX, and role playing


  • Made from latex

Care Instructions:

  • Remove carefully and rinse off all glue, wax, and makeup with spirit gum remover and warm water.


  • One size fits most
  • Measurements are approximate
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