Teutonic Knight Tabard


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Inspired by the legendary Teutonic Knights, an order founded to defend the hospital at Acre in 1190 CE, this Teutonic Knight Tabard is a tribute to the courage and valor of one of history’s most elite units.

Craftsmanship for the Age of Valor

Stand proud among the ranks of knights who carved their mark on history, bringing their storied legacy to life in your own adventures. Starting with the quality craftsmanship, this Teutonic tabard is created using durable cotton fabric, ensuring comfort during long campaigns.

Next, the Teutonic cross on the front represents the core of the crusader spirit, combining historical accuracy with visual appeal. Furthermore, the black cross on this crusader tabard, set against white fabric, boldly embodies the virtues of knightly honor and bravery.

Additionally, this northern crusader tabard features a sleeveless design, guaranteeing mobility and breathability whether on the battlefield or in reenactment events. Lastly, as a unique and practical piece, this crusader costume tunic provides great coverage down to the knees, including a split in the front for better mobility.

Embark on the Northern Crusades

This Teutonic knight costume piece, a blend of history and fashion, is truly set apart by its compatibility and works with you for your ideal character. Ideal for reenactments, cosplay, or themed-events, this German crusader shirt offers comfortable layering for all your adventures.

Likewise, layer this crusader tunic with your other costume pieces for colder or warmer conditions. Furthermore, the breathable cotton guarantees freedom of movement, keeping you true to your character without discomfort.

Not to mention, its unique design makes it a great companion for armor or chainmail. Simply slip it over or under as you desire. Moreover, this unique sleeveless design makes layering easy and improves your crusader style with ample air circulation.

Evoke the Spirit of the Teutonic Knights

Whether you’re a history buff, a reenactor, or a medieval cosplayer, this northern crusader shirt brings an air of authenticity to your attire. Furthermore, this medieval Teutonic tabard is a piece of history and a symbol of the Teutonic Knights, whose enduring impact shaped the Baltic. In conclusion, this distinctive crusader tunic guarantees you’ll make a memorable impression at any event, embodying virtues of undeniable chivalry.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Comfortable Fabric: Perfect for reenactments or themed-events, this breathable cotton fabric keeps you comfortable throughout any adventure.
  • Become the Teutonic Knight: Combining historical authenticity with visual appeal, embody the virtues of the Teutonic Order with a stylish black cross in the front set against the white fabric.
  • Practical for Armor: Whether you’re fighting in the north or competing in a tournament, pair this Teutonic tabard with plate armor or chainmail to unlock more possibilities.
  • Layering Possibilities: For your maximum comfort, layer this tunic with any clothing items you might need for warmer or colder conditions.
  • Great Coverage: This crusader knight tabard covers your body down to just below the knees, promising comfort and style.


  • Made of 100% cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
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XX-Large/XXX-Large63.6 inches47.9 inches16 inches

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