Templar Knight Large Medieval Horn Tankard


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Another battle won, you lean back and sip thoughtfully from the Templar Knight Large Medieval Horn Tankard. This medieval horn cup makes the perfect drinkware option for knights, Crusaders, and kings. Whether at a medieval feast or in your own kitchen, this handcrafted horn tankard brings a historical vibe to any occasion.

Made of natural horn, no two horn tankards are exactly alike. They may vary in size, shape, and color, so each medieval tankard will be unique!

This medieval tankard features a line of brass on the outside of its rim and around the base of the cup. The thin handle is also made of brass and embossed floral accents. These brass details lend a nobility to its style.

Then, the front of the medieval horn cup features a bold red cross. This means it will look perfect as a Crusader costume accessory or setting the scene at medieval reenactment events. It is safe to drink from, so can be your faithful companion for feast after feast! And, when adventure calls, you can also carry it at your side using our Leather Tankard Strap (HW-701379).

With this medieval knight tankard, bring a bit of medieval history to your everyday life even when not at the faire. It is sure to start a conversation as part of eclectic drinkware collections. You can even give it as a gift to your favorite medieval history buff.

Key Features:

  • Brass rim brings finery to the design
  • Front features painted Templar cross
  • Safe to drink from
  • Great for medieval feasts or themed dinners
  • Must-have medieval costume accessory


  • Made from natural horn

How to Clean and Care for your Tankard:

  • Your tankard will arrive to you clean, however we still recommend that you thoroughly clean your tankard before use.
  • Soak the tankard in hot water with dish soap. Scrub the inside of the tankard with a bottle brush. Rinse well.
  • Fix the tankard to stand upright and fill with warm water. Drop two denture tablets into the tankard and let it sit overnight or for at least 8 hours. The ingredients in these tablets will provide further deep cleaning. After the tankard has soaked, scrub with a bottle brush again and rinse well.
  • If you desire, you can coat the inside of the tankard with a food safe epoxy. This would make washing much easier and less time consuming. If you choose not to seal the inside, just follow the steps above when washing.


  • Volume: 28 Ounces
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