Red Wooden Viking Shield


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Unleash the warrior within and step back into the glory of the Viking Age with the Red Wooden Viking Shield. Meticulously crafted with historical authenticity and functional durability in mind, this shield is not merely a decorative piece—it is a symbol of the Viking spirit, ready to take on the vigor of battle reenactments or the admiration of historical displays.

The shield boasts a rich red coloring, a hue reminiscent of the fierce energy and bravery of the Viking warriors of old. At the epicenter, a robust central boss catches the eye, a gleaming testament to the shields purpose of deflecting blows and asserting dominance in combat. From the central boss, four meticulously crafted points radiate outwards, an evocative design that strikes awe into any onlooker while improving the shields structural integrity.

Encircling the outer edge, a riveted steel rim not only adds to the authentic aesthetic but provides additional strength and resiliency against the hacking blades of simulated combat. The historically accurate metal handle offers a secure grip, ensuring that the wielder has full control while maneuvering the shield during intensive reenactments.

Perfect for reenactment participants and history enthusiasts alike, the Red Wooden Viking Shield is built for the rigors of mock warfare and the demands of performance authenticity. Whether you are clashing shields in the reenactment field, aiming to add a touch of historical elegance to a space, or giving a gift that embodies the strength and courage of the Vikings, this shield stands as a proud reflection of a bygone era that still captivates the imagination of modern-day adventurers.

Key Features:

  • Historically Authentic Design: Inspired by the robust shields used by Viking warriors, the shield features a central boss, four radiating points, and a riveted steel rim for an authentic aesthetic.
  • Functional Durability: Crafted with mock warfare in mind, this shield can withstand the rigors of intensive reenactments, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • Vivid Aesthetics: The rich red hue of the shield is representative of the fierce energy and bravery of ancient Viking warriors, making it a striking addition to any historical display.
  • Secure Grip: The shield comes with a historically accurate metal handle that offers a firm, comfortable hold, providing complete control during maneuvers.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for both reenactment participants and history enthusiasts, this shield is equally fit for the battlefield and for bringing a touch of historical elegance to your space.


  • Made from wood
  • Fittings are mild steel


  • Diameter: 24 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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