Medieval Knight Boots – Black


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No matter your character, you can always use some stylish yet versatile boots. The black Medieval Knight Boots make a great option for any outfit. These black boots come in a range of sizes. The sizes run true to standard sizing. The leather boots subtle yet versatile design complements dozens of different looks. They have black leather exteriors with a dark fabric lining.

These mens boots lace along the sides and back. The back has loops that the lacing threads through. This lacing also wraps around buttons on the side. Near the bottoms of the boot shafts, there are pieces of Velcro, helping to fasten the boots. Wear the black Medieval Knight Boots to a historical reenactment, Renaissance faire, or cosplay event.

As this item is crafted by hand, slight variations in color and detail may occur.

Key Features:

  • Versatile yet stylish design
  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Secures with laces, buttons, and Velcro
  • Great for a variety of styles
  • Wonderful for faires, theatrical productions, and more


  • Made from leather
  • Have a fabric lining
These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size. Measurements are approximate. Height may vary depending on size.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightCalf CircumferenceSole LengthSole Width
Euro 37 u2013 US Womens 6.514.5 inches1 inch11 inches10.25 inches3.75 inches
Euro 38 u2013 US Womens 7.515.5 inches1 inch11 inches10.25 inches4 inches
Euro 39 u2013 US Womens 8.5 u2013 US Mens 6.515.5 inches1 inch12 inches10.75 inches3.81 inches
Euro 40 u2013 US Womens 9.5 u2013 US Mens 715.5 inches1 inch12 inches11.25 inches4 inches
Euro 41 u2013 US Womens 10.5 u2013 US Mens 815.5 inches1 inch12 inches11.5 inches4.25 inches
Euro 42 u2013 US Womens 11.5 u2013 US Mens 916 inches1 inch13 inches11.75 inches4.25 inches
Euro 43 u2013 US Womens 12 u2013 US Mens 1016 inches1 inch13 inches12 inches4.5 inches
Euro 44 u2013 US Mens 1116.5 inches1 inch13 inches12.25 inches4.5 inches
Euro 45 u2013 US Mens 1216.5 inches1 inch13.5 inches12.5 inches4.5 inches
Euro 46 u2013 US Mens 1316.5 inches1 inch14 inches12.5 inches4.5 inches
Shoe Size

Euro 37 – US Womens 6.5, Euro 38 – US Womens 7.5, Euro 39 – US Womens 8.5 – US Mens 6.5, Euro 40 – US Womens 9.5 – US Mens 7, Euro 41 – US Womens 10.5 – US Mens 8, Euro 42 – US Womens 11.5 – US Mens 9, Euro 43 – US Womens 12 – US Mens 10, Euro 44 – US Mens 11, Euro 45 – US Mens 12, Euro 46 – US Mens 13

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