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Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and artistry with the Lukk Brass Spiral Clasp. Expertly handcrafted from high-quality brass, this clasp is not just a fastener, but a statement piece that enhances any attire. Its unique spiral design is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it is engineered to slide seamlessly through loops on a cloak or cape, securing your garment with ease and reliability.

Every Lukk Brass Spiral Clasp is meticulously handmade, ensuring that you receive a product as unique as your style. The attention to detail is evident in every twist and turn of the spiral, revealing the remarkable craftsmanship and dedication put into each piece.

The Perfect Costume Accent

Whether you are attending a Renaissance fair, engaging in an intense session of LARPing, or showcasing your latest cosplay creation at a convention, the Lukk Brass Spiral Clasp is the ideal accessory. It offers a touch of historical authenticity paired with modern durability, making it the ultimate finishing touch for any costume.

Not only does the clasp look fantastic, but its brass construction guarantees a longevity that will see you through countless adventures. This beautiful clasp is resistant to corrosion, maintaining its luster over time and becoming a staple in your wardrobe.

Elevate your garments with a clasp that combines the charm of yesteryear with the convenience of today. The Lukk Brass Spiral Clasp is not just an accessory; it is an investment in your passion for exceptional style. Add one to your collection and watch as it transforms your attire with its timeless elegance.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each clasp is crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that exudes uniqueness and character.
  • Innovative Spiral Design: The distinctive spiral mechanism not only adds aesthetic value but also provides a secure and easy-to-use fastening solution.
  • Versatile Utility: Perfect for a wide range of apparel, from historical costumes to modern cloaks, enhancing both functionality and style.
  • Durability for Adventurous Wear: Built to withstand the rigors of wear, whether you are attending a medieval festival or engaging in role-playing events.
  • Elegant Accessory: Elevates your attire with a touch of sophistication and historical charm, making it a standout addition to any outfit.


  • Made from brass


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