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During the Middle Ages, clothes were fastened together with the highly functional penannular brooch, which was most popular among Vikings and Celts. The Large Viking Brooch takes this design and revamps it for the modern age. This brass open-ring brooch is perfect for pinning cloaks together or closing the v-slash in the neckline of a tunic. Its modest style takes a minimalistic approach, shirking the potential for ornate ornamentation for a humble, functional look. The Large Viking Brooch is durable and easy to fasten, and it makes a fantastic addition, be it functional or purely decorative, to any medieval or Renaissance ensemble, especially those drawing inspiration from the Vikings or the Celts.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the penannular brooch used in the medieval British Isles
  • Can be used to decorate an outfit or hold a garment together
  • Simple open-ring design makes fastening easy
  • Perfect for Renaissance fairs and medieval reenactments


  • Made from brass


  • Diameter: 1.25 Inches
  • Pin Length: 1.75 Inches
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