Kosma Viking Rus Coat


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Transport yourself back to the era of Vikings with the striking Kosma Viking Rus Coat. A garment that is as practical as it is stylish, this coat is designed for those who yearn to embody the essence of a warrior or the elegance of nobility in their historical reenactments, LARPing adventures, or cosplays.

Crafted from a rich wool blend, this Norse coat offers unparalleled warmth and comfort. The robust A-line shape ends near the thighs, allowing for ease of movement, while the long sleeves and contrasting trim on the cuffs and hem add a dash of visual flair, enhancing the period-authentic appeal.

Available in a deep and resolute dark blue with accents of red and dark grey trim, the Norse coat boasts an overlap front design that provides both warmth and a unique style. The intricate brass clasps lined on red stripes are not just functional; they are a nod to the artistry of the times, adding an air of historical authenticity to this magnificent piece.

Versatile and Historically-Inspired

The coats six available sizes ensure a fit suitable for a wide range of body types, formulated to complement both militaristic and noble portrayals. Historically inspired by period-accurate finds and depictions, this Viking coat is not just a costume piece but a slice of history, a conversation starter, and a standout addition to any historians wardrobe.

Whether you are bracing the cold on a campaign or taking on the role of a landowning noble at a feast, the Kosma Viking Rus Coat is the ideal layer for your ensemble. Its majestic appearance, rooted in the very essence of Viking Rus culture, is sure to capture admiration and evoke the spirit of the age. Make your next historical escapade unforgettable with this exquisite piece of living history.

Key Features:

  • Design: A striking overlap front design secured with brass clasps, offering both functionality and historical authenticity.
  • Style: A robust A-line shape with long sleeves and contrasting trim, designed for ease of movement and visual appeal.
  • Color: Available in a rich, dark blue with red and dark grey accents, embodying the deep hues popular in Viking Rus attire.
  • Sizes: Six sizes available, allowing for a great fit across various body types.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of historical reenactments, LARPing events, and cosplay, complementing both warrior and noble personas.
  • Authenticity: Inspired by historical finds and depictions, offering a piece of history that adds depth to any portrayal.


  • Made from 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% polyamids, and 4% miscellaneous fibers
This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.
Chest CircumferenceWaist Circumference
Small36.6-38.2 inches31.5-32.3 inches
Medium39.8-41.3 inches35.4-36.2 inches
Large42.9-44.5 inches37.8-38.6 inches
X-Large46.1-47.6 inches42.5-43.3 inches
XX-Large49.2-50.8 inches47.2-48 inches
XXX-Large52.4-53.9 inches51.2-52 inches

Blue with Dark Grey


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