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Step back in time with the Kievan Rus Cloak Clasp and experience the royal grandeur of exploring new lands, trading exotic goods with distant kingdoms, and clasping your cloak in a piece of history designed to last a lifetime.

Royal Elegance with Superior Craftsmanship

Owning the Kievan Rus Cloak Clasp is not about adding an accessory to your collection; it’s about possessing a piece of history. Crafted from solid brass, this Viking cloak clasp offers durability and grace that stands the test of time.

Whether you’re traversing the streets of a bustling Renaissance fair or exploring rugged historical reenactments, this brooch promises stability and style for your cloak. Additionally, the unique floral details are meticulously designed, transforming each clasp into a work of art.

Direct Historical Inspiration from Ukraine

Not to mention, the floral design is directly inspired by the 10th Century Gulbische burial site, located near modern day Chernigov, Ukraine, reflecting rich Rus history. Standing out for its stability and ease of use, the hook at the end of one piece clasps the loop on the other, creating a sturdy attachment for your cloak.

Furthermore, the functional design of this medieval flower cloak pin promises free mobility, able to immerse in your role without any concern for your attire. Likewise, this Viking Rus cloak clasp offers enthusiasts and reenactors alike the rare opportunity to flaunt their passion for the Viking age, especially concerning the Kievan Rus period.

Enhance Any Medieval-Themed Costume

Thanks to four little holes surrounding the center floral pattern, you can sew this Viking cloak brooch into any costume piece, allowing even better opportunities to style with your favorite ensembles. Moreover, you can keep these Kievan Rus cloak pins in your jewelry box as part of your collection, sure to spark conversations and inspire awe.

Additionally, authenticate your attire with a solid brass construction and detailed floral design, showing off your rare find with reliability and regal beauty. In conclusion, the durability and authenticity of this piece ensures it will remain a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Hand Forged Brass: Pure brass makes up this small Viking pin, giving it an authentic eastern Viking look.
  • Stylish Floral Details: Blooming like flowers on top of the brass, this Kievan Rus pin features beautifully elegant floral design patterns.
  • Capable of Adding to Any Attire: You can add this brass Viking pin to any costume piece thanks to four holes surrounding the details.
  •  Kievan Rus Design: Inspired by the real Gulbische burial site, this replica cloak pin boasts historical accuracy in its design.
  • Comes in Two Pieces: This Rus cloak clasp comes with both pieces when sold.


  • Made of pure brass


  • Length: 2.2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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