Hand Forged Viking Cooking Fork


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Unleash the epicurean warrior within you with our Hand Forged Viking Cooking Fork, a rugged yet refined addition to your culinary arsenal. Imbued with the spirit of ancient feasts, this remarkable tool is not just a cooking implement, but a piece of history, skillfully crafted to bring the boldness of the Viking Age to your table.

Forged in iron with an artistry that honors the old ways, this Viking Steel Eating Awl boasts a twisted grip, harking back to the traditional craftsmanship you would expect in the mead halls and encampments of yore. The beautifully curled spiral at the end serves as a reminder of the intricate metalwork synonymous with Nordic heritage—and it is more than just decorative; it provides an enhanced grip for those heartiest of medieval banquets.

The forks two tines are masterfully spaced and sharpened, ensuring your hearty chunks of meat and root vegetables are pierced with ease, harkening to an era when eating was a rite that celebrated the days conquests. This culinary companion comes cloaked in a protective layer of oil, easy to wipe off before its first use, safeguarding your piece of history from the ravages of time.

Whether you are reveling in the raucous atmosphere of a Ren faire, participating in historical reenactments, or simply bringing a touch of the dramatic to your nightly dinner, our Hand Forged Viking Cooking Fork is designed to be a functional keepsake. It is more than a utensil—it is a conversation starter, a functional relic, and a testament to the robust beauty of an age gone by.

For the history enthusiast, the reenactment aficionado, or the Ren faire devotee, this compass to the past melds functionality with authenticity, ensuring that each bite taken is not just nourishment but a true taste of history.

Key Features:

  • Hand-forged: This Viking Cooking Fork is hand-forged, embracing the traditional craftsmanship of the Viking Age, ensuring each piece is unique.
  • High-Quality Material: Forged in iron for longevity and durability, designed to withstand the test of time.
  • Twisted Grip: The handle features a twisted grip for a comfortable hold, enhancing the users control during use.
  • Two-Tined Design: Purposefully spaced and sharpened tines easily pierce and hold hearty chunks of meat and vegetables, ensuring a seamless dining experience.
  • Spiral End: The end of the handle displays a beautiful spiral, a nod to Nordic metalwork, which also serves as a grip for secure handling.
  • Protective Oil Layer: Comes with a protective layer of oil that preserves the integrity of the fork, protecting it from rust and wear.
  • Functional Keepsake: Not just a utensil, but a conversation starter and a tangible connection to history. A perfect accessory for historical reenactments, Ren faires or themed dinners.


  • Made from iron


  • Length: 10.2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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