Eventide Overcoat – Charcoal Grey/Epic Black


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Embark on a journey into the realm of shadow and elegance with the Charcoal Grey/Epic Black Eventide Overcoat. This exquisite garment is crafted to embrace those who tread the twilight paths with grace and allure. This overcoat is an essential addition to the wardrobe of dark elves and other fantastical beings who command the night. Offered in three distinct sizes, it ensures a flattering fit for different statures, wrapping you in mystique and allure.

Crafted from a luxurious wool blend, the Eventide Overcoat promises not only to enchant but to offer warmth and comfort in the cooler hours of dusk and dawn. Its sleeveless, layered design, accentuated by a dramatic pointed hem, captures the essence of the night with every movement. The overcoat is adorned with pointed panels and V-shaped detailing, invoking the intricate beauty of twilights shadows cast upon ancient forests.

With lacing at the back of the hood, the Eventide Overcoat allows for a customizable fit, ensuring the hood sits perfectly atop your head or falls gracefully back, framing your visage with its mysterious silhouette. Whether striding through moonlit groves or presiding over clandestine gatherings, this overcoat imbues its wearer with an air of enigmatic charm and otherworldly grace.

The Eventide Overcoat is not merely a garment; it is a statement. A declaration of allegiance to the night, to the untold stories whispered in the dark, and to the timeless allure of fantasys most captivating characters. Adorn yourself with the Eventide Overcoat, and transcend the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary realms that await under the cover of night.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Wool Blend Fabric: Provides optimal warmth and supreme comfort, perfect for the chill of the night.
  • Sleeveless with Layered Design: Bold and stylish, this feature adds a touch of the dramatic to your silhouette, ideal for those who seek the spotlight in darkness.
  • Pointed Hem and Detailed Panels: Mimicking the edges of night, the unique hem and intricate detailing invite a sense of ancient mystique.
  • V-shaped Detailing: Conveys the esoteric patterns one might find under a starlit sky, adding to the overcoats otherworldly charm.
  • Sizes for Different Statures: Available in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit for a dark enchantress or enchanter.
  • Versatile for Occasions: Whether you are attending a secret rendezvous or simply enjoying a nocturnal outing, the Eventide Overcoat is designed to suit various events in the mystical realms.


  • Made from a wool blend
Chest CircumferenceHood HeightNeck WidthOverall LengthWeight
Small/Medium40.2 inches14.2 inches11.8 inches46.9 inches3 pounds
Large/X-Large48.8 inches15 inches11.8 inches47.2 inches3.2 pounds
XX-Large/XXX-Large59.8 inches15.7 inches12.6 inches48.8 inches3.6 pounds

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