Borys Herringbone Viking Rus Pants


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Step back into the age of valiant Norse warriors with our Borys Herringbone Viking Rus Pants. Meticulously designed for historical enthusiasts, these Norse pants are an indispensable addition to your period attire, be it for reenactments, live-action role-playing, or cosplay adventures.

Versatility in Style & Fit

Available in a triumvirate of timeless colors, these Viking Rus Pants are crafted to suit an array of characters from the bygone eras. Whether you aim to depict a humble trader from the bustling markets of Novgorod or a fearsome shieldmaiden of storied sagas, these pants align perfectly with your persona.

The loosely cut silhouette pays homage to the traditional garb of the era—ensuring comfort without compromising on authenticity. We understand that our wearers come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, our offering spans across six sizes.

Beyond comfort and style lie the subtle, yet discerning details. The pants taper gracefully into cuffs at the bottom, inviting the wearer to adjust the fit with ties that close securely through hardy eyelets— a functional feature for the rough and tumble of period life.

The drawstring waist is a testament to the garments functional design, allowing for quick adjustments and an accommodating fit. It respects the wearers need for agility and comfort, whether you are taking command of the longship or engaging in an exhilarating swordplay demonstration.

A Fabric Worthy of Legends

To don these Viking pants is to wear a piece of the past while basking in modern comfort. The wool blend from which they are fashioned strikes the perfect balance—sturdy enough to weather multiple scenarios, yet soft enough to keep you ensconced in warmth, true to the Viking spirit of resilience and adaptability.

Invest in the Borys Herringbone Viking Rus Pants and wear a garment that is not just a piece of clothing but a slice of history, crafted with passion and precision for the discerning modern-day Viking. Bring forth the essence of the Viking Age with style, convenience, and a touch of authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Designed with deep historical research to provide an authentic look that complements various Norse personas.
  • Versatile Fit: Features a drawstring waist and adjustable cuffs for a customizable and comfortable fit for different body types.
  • Color Options: Available in a selection of colors to suit different character portrayals and personal preferences.
  • Size Range: Available in six sizes to suit the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Multi-Scenario Suitability: Ideal for reenactments, LARP, cosplay, and other events demanding period-appropriate attire.


  • Made from 60% wool, 37% polyester, and 3% nylon blend

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