3 Feet Leather Bull Whip


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Unleash the captivating allure of tradition and craftsmanship with our 3 Feet Leather Bull Whip, a testament to the mastery of braiding artistry. Meticulously handcrafted, this braided design is more than an object; it is a statement piece exuding an aura of authenticity and adventure.

At its core, a sturdy and supple studded grip awaits your firm hand, offering a promise of precision and control. The whips black body is a portrait of elegance, setting a dramatic contrast that is impossible to overlook.

As you unfold this leather marvel, you will find a tassel gracing the end, dancing with each movement—a flourish that adds to its character and dynamism. The loop at the end of the black and brown handle is not just a decorative touch, it is a functional element that ensures a more secure grip, offering you the confidence to wield it with purpose, whether as a collectors prized possession, a performers trusted companion, or a partygoers distinctive accessory.

While conceived with collectors and enthusiasts in mind, its applications are boundless. Envision yourself stepping into a costume party or themed event, the bull whip in hand, instantly elevating your presence and authenticity. For stage performers and film producers, the exactitude of its three-foot length becomes a versatile tool, enhancing the visual narrative with a stroke of realism and historical ambiguity.

Though painstakingly designed and robust, this leather piece of history maintains a lightweight presence, allowing for fluid movement and ease of carry. Whether it is part of your ensemble or displayed as a conversation-sparking collectible, the 3 Feet Leather Bull Whip is an investment in the extraordinary, a tangible slice of history that whispers tales of the past in every fiber, waiting for you to write the next chapter.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive Design: The whips black body and brown handle create a striking contrast, making it a standout piece in any setting.
  • Precision and Control: The sturdy and supple grip offers exactitude and control, making it a reliable tool for performance and practical use.
  • Functional Aesthetics: The loop at the handle end provides a secure grip while also adding to the whips visual appeal. The tassel at the end adds character and dynamism, ensuring the whip is not just a tool but a statement piece.
  • Versatility: The 3 Feet Leather Bull Whip is not just a collectors item. It is also a trusted companion for stage performers, a distinctive accessory for partygoers, and a historical prop for film producers.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Despite its robust design, the whip is lightweight and easy to carry or display, ensuring comfort and convenience.


  • Made from leather

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue.


  • Overall Length: 3 Feet

Measurements are approximate.

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