Miscellaneous Accessories

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Ada Large Wooden Bowl

Item # MY100912
A medieval kitchen is not complete without the Ada Large Wooden Bowl. Add a historical detail to your culinary setting at any Renaissance faire, LARP event, or reenactment. It is also a great decorative item for the modern home.

Ada Medium Wooden Bowl

Item # MY100913
The Ada Medium Wooden Bowl is versatile for both the modern home and the medieval faire. It is great as a prop at a LARP event or historical reenactment. Decorate your modern or farmhouse style home with this beautiful handmade bowl.

Ada Small Wooden Bowl

Item # MY100914
Use the Ada Small Wooden Bowl to hold your precious treasures. This handcrafted item works well at medieval or Renaissance faires, LARP events, and historical reenactments. It also is ideal as a decor item for the more modern home.

Ada Wooden Plate

Item # MY100915
Need a plate for your coffee table and one for your LARP event? You can use the Ada Wooden Plate for both. This bowl works great as a decor item in a more modern home and as a prop for any medieval faire or historical reenactment.

Kora Olive Wood Bowl

Item # MY100960
Wooden bowls and plates were the dinnerware of choice for centuries. The Kora Olive Wood Bowl recalls the timelessness of wood in the historical home. It is a great addition to a modern kitchen or medieval camp at a Renaissance faire.

Kora Olive Wood Plate

Item # MY100961
Wooden plates are a great decor item. The Kora Olive Wood Plate is a great addition to any modern home or medieval display. It is a great accessory for any reenactment or fantasy presentation at a Renaissance faire or LARP event.

Leather Strop

Item # HW-700394
Hone and polish your blades with the Leather Strop. This handcrafted, genuine leather hanging strop has reinforced ends and a metal ring, and it can be used both with or without honing compounds depending on your blade and technique.