Metal Shields

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Antique Copper Shield Boss

Item # HW-700068
The Antique Copper Shield Boss adds extra defense and historical style to reenactment and prop shields. The round boss has a raised center surrounded by a wide edge with small round cut-outs for easier attaching to your shield.

Brass Shield Boss

Item # HW-700070
Accent your shield with the Brass Shield Boss for historical style and defensive capability. This round shield boss has a raised center for better deflecting blows. Holes dot the wide rim for more easily attaching to a larger shield.

Polished Steel Mini Buckler

Item # HW-700225
For quick, easy to wield defense, deflect the blows of your enemies with the Polished Steel Mini Buckler. The round mini shield is made of polished steel and is accented with a brass rim. A handle on the back provides a secure hold.