Roman Legionary Shield Boss


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Roma Invicta! Step into the sandals of a Roman legionary and prepare for campaigns on the frontier with the Roman Legionary Shield Boss. Your companion for defending your fellow legionaries, this shield boss decorates your scutum with a sense of valor and might.

A Touch of Rome, Forged for the Bold

Inspired by the ruthless efficiency of the Roman legions, our shield boss boasts a unique hexagonal design surrounding the boss. Not only does this hexagonal design improve coverage for protection, it also provides a stronger defense for deflecting attacks.

Crafting the Roman shield boss for SCA, reenactment, and heavy medieval combat, 16 gauge mild steel combines function with the look of ancient armories. Likewise, the 9.5 x 9.5 inch size makes it a solid addition to your shield, protecting your grip with unparalleled endurance.

Whether facing a hail of arrows or enduring a grinding melee, steel rivets secure this boss to your shield, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition, this shield has a versatility that makes you stand out with authenticity and pride.

This versatility means that you can attach this central boss to most shields, ensuring you have resilience in any combat engagement. Furthermore, the placement of steel rivets and washers around the edge of the boss reinforces this shield with unmatched durability. To clarify, mushroom head rivets and washers are included in this shield boss for easy assembly.

A Tribute to the Old Legions

Join the ranks of Rome’s elite with this steel shield boss and amplify your presence on the battlefield in every shield wall. This distinct shape, rooted in military history, adds an authentic Roman feel to your shield for conquering empires across the globe. In the same spirit, our shield boss is designed to fit nearly any kind of scutum, making your Roman kit a dynamic piece of history.

Moreover, add this scutum boss to your personal collection to embody the strategy and resilience of the Empire’s finest. Additionally, this steel shield boss can be fitted onto nearly any shield for your collection, whether you hang it up on the wall or rest it on a stand. Strike your enemy with a powerful boss at the center, breaking the enemy line during SCA or heavy medieval combat scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Hand Forged Steel: Forged from 16 gauge mild steel, this medieval shield boss will guarantee your protection in medieval battles.
  • Hexagonal Design: Thanks to a unique hexagonal shape, the Roman Legionary Shield Boss will conform to almost any style scutum.
  • Added Steel Rivets: Fastened to the shield boss, steel rivets and washers underneath reinforce and add an Imperial presence to your shield.
  • Combat Functional: Fight reliably in SCA, reenactment, or heavy medieval battles with confidence thanks to this shield boss.


  • Made of mild steel.

Care Instructions:

  • This armour will arrive to you covered in protective oil. While this oil can be removed, it must be replaced with another protective maintenance product to protect your steel armour from rusting. Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.


  • Length: 9.4 Inches
  • Width: 9.4 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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