Wood Shields

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Helm of Awe Viking Shield

Item # HW-700566
Until he fell in battle to the hero Sigurd, the dragon Fafnir used a symbol called the Helm of Awe for protection. Because of this tale, Viking warriors often painted this symbol on their shields, as the Helm of Awe Viking Shield displays.

Valknut Viking Shield

Item # HW-700565
The Valknut is the symbol of Odin, protector of warriors who rewards those who die nobly in battle. It is for this reason that Vikings would honor him by putting this symbol on their shields, as displayed by the Valknut Viking Shield.

Viking Warriors Shield - Red and Cream

Item # HW-700629
Add some defense and detail to your Norse fighters ensemble with the Viking Warriors Shield in Red and Cream. The two colors alternate in wide bands and spiral from the polished, 14 gauge steel shield boss attached to the center.