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Gadaric Canvas Tunic

Item # MY100108
Worn since the times of the Romans, the tunic remained a popular garment up through the late medieval period. The Gadaric Canvas Tunic features a traditional design that is perfect for wearing alone or with a gambeson and armor.

Gadaric Linen Tunic

Item # MY100884
Whether worn by a Roman ruler or medieval peasant, a tunic was a common garment of the day. The Gadaric Linen Tunic works for many costumes and eras. Ideal for layering, this reenactment shirt works with any fantasy or LARP costume.

Gadaric Wool Tunic

Item # MY100440
Regardless of title or status within a medieval kingdom, be you a noble, knight, peasant, or adventurer, the Gadaric Wool Tunic is the perfect base for your historical costume. Step fully into character whether for LARP or reenactment.

Garen Suede Tunic

Item # MY100109
A fantastic addition to any period look, the Garen Suede Tunic works well for the Renaissance fair and historical re-enactments. The leather tunic comes in a long vest design with eyelets for attaching sleeves if desired.

Godwin Canvas Tunic

Item # MY100293
When it comes to assembling your own medieval inspired wardrobe or LARP outfits, the Godwin Canvas Tunic is a good place to start. Made out of 100 percent cotton canvas, this rustic garment is a great base for almost any look.

Godwin Wool Tunic

Item # MY100408
A staple in any historic wardrobe, you can never go wrong with good tunics like the Godwin Wool Tunic. The short sleeves makes this versatile garment easy to wear with a variety of outfits, particularly for more wintery looks.

Kids Snorre Tunic

Item # MY100697
Tunics are staple pieces in reenactment and fantasy wardrobes. Let your little adventurer wear this historical essential their own way with the Kids Snorre Tunic. Made of sturdy but light cotton, this cream tunic has a classic shape.

Niko Childrens Tunic

Item # MY100326
The Niko Childrens Tunic is an essential basic, great for starting off any childrens medieval inspired outfit. Featuring long sleeves and a classic V-neck collar, this versatile shirt is available in various easy to match colors.

Rafael Canvas Tunic

Item # MY100765
The Renaissance was a time of learning, art, and culture, and with those things comes reputation. Make sure your reputation is a good one by dressing to the nines with the classy and subtly ornate Rafael Canvas Tunic.

Rafael Wool Tunic

Item # MY100466
Brass buttons add a touch of nobility and wealth to the traditional design of the Rafael Wool Tunic. It also offers a layer of protection against cold air and light rain, perfect for exploring a LARP kingdom or a renaissance faire.

Sigbert Canvas Tunic

Item # MY100573
A staple reenactment garment with just the right amount of ornate detail, the Sigbert Canvas Tunic suits noblemen, Vikings, and most any medieval or fantasy character looking for a stylish yet practical base to their ensemble.

Stepan Damask Tunic

Item # MY100470
The historical style and cut of the Stepan Damask Tunic are inspired by the houppelande of the late Middle Ages. It became the preferred fashion of the professional classes. Modern judicial and academic robes are based on it as well.