The Epic Circle

LARP Distribution offers The Epic Circle items from Epic Armoury for wholesale. The Epic Circle consists of eight different styles of LARP weapons, clothing, accessories, and props, each fitting into a different aesthetic, ranging from medieval and Renaissance in style to those with a more Elvish or dark fantasy vibe. Shopping by different Epic Circle universe makes it easy to find items that match within a certain aesthetic and find the LARP gear that best suits the needs and tastes of your customers. Universes of the Epic Circle include Sovereign, Defiant, Ethereal, Stygian, Ancestral, Ruinous, Stalwart, and Ancient.


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LARP Distribution offers wholesale Sovereign LARP weapons and LARP clothing from Epic Armoury. Much of this wholesale LARP gear is historical in design, particularly inspired by medieval and Renaissance eras, as well as expanding to include some pirate styles. This category has many medieval steel armour pieces, including helmets, cuirasses, and limb armour, as well as medieval clothing essentials like tabards. A lot of our knightly LARP swords and heraldic LARP shields also fall under this category. For LARP clothing and weaponry befitting Arthurian knights, Crusaders, and landsknecht alike, this is the category to shop.


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The LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories here are part of the Defiant line from Epic Armoury. Much of the Defiant LARP Gear has a rugged, adventurer vibe. Many essential leather armour pieces, like leather bracers, leather greaves, and leather gloves are found here, as well as some light steel armour. Some of our fantasy capes, cloaks, and hoods also call this category home. When it comes to LARP weapons, our Defiant line has LARP daggers, throwing knives, and LARP swords that work well for assassin, rogue, and thief characters. All these LARP gear here are quite versatile and work well for a variety of LARP characters and settings.


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Ethereal LARP Gear from Epic Armoury includes LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories all made in an elven style. LARP Distribution offers this elven LARP gear for wholesale. Here you will find everything needed for creating the look of a fantasy elf for live action roleplay. We carry elven LARP swords, daggers, crossbows, and LARP elf archery accessories. Our elven LARP clothing, elven ear prosthetics, and elven LARP armour are all ideal for looking the part, and our elven leather bags and sword frogs are great additions to any LARP outfit, historical or fantasy. All of our Ethereal LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories are made to a high standard of quality and are versatile pieces for a wide variety of fantasy LARP characters and settings.


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Our Stygian LARP gear at LARP Distribution all has a dark fantasy vibe, and the wholesale products we supply include LARP weapons, armour, and prosthetics befitting dark elves, sorcerers, witches, and more. Our dark elf LARP weapons are similar to those of the Ethereal LARP line but have a darker color scheme and more foreboding design elements. Here you will also find leather LARP armour pieces befitting assassins, sorcerers, and dark elf warriors, as well as our Epic Dark LARP armour. These steel armour pieces have all been given a darkened finish. Our dark elf prosthetics and make-up include face paint, elf ears, demon horns, and other costume effects to better transform LARPers into their character of choice. For wholesale LARP gear befitting a dark fantasy setting, shop our Ethereal LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and prosthetics.


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Ancestral LARP weapons, clothing, and armour all have a basis in historical Asian culture. LARP Distribution offers this line of LARP gear from Epic Armoury for wholesale. Many of these oriental LARP weapons present fantasy takes on traditional designs, like our LARP katana, LARP jian swords, LARP kunai, LARP shuriken, and more. We also carry a select amount of oriental LARP armour based on what was once worn by samurai or ninja, as well as reenactment clothing based on the apparel of ancient China and Japan. Made to high standards of quality and unique in their vibe, the Ancestral LARP gear at LARP distribution is sure to appeal to a wide variety of LARPers.


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Our Ruinous LARP gear at LARP Distribution are pieces that all fit the aesthetics of traditional fantasy orcs. This wholesale LARP gear is ideal for many fantasy LARP settings and characters. Here you will find orc LARP cleavers, axes, and throwing weapons as well as all our fantasy clothing specifically befitting a monstrous or rugged vibe. We also carry leather orc armour for defense during LARP battle. All our orc LARP gear is made of high quality materials and will appeal to a range of customers. Shop all our wholesale orc LARP weapons, armour, clothing, and accessories here, essentials for any fantasy LARP environment featuring this fantasy race.


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Much of our Viking and Celtic LARP gear falls within our Stalwart line of LARP products. For wholesale Stalwart LARP gear, shop LARP Distribution. Our wholesale Viking LARP weapons includes LARP swords, LARP axes, and LARP knives fit for Norse warriors and Valkyries. We also offer a range of wholesale historical Viking clothing and wholesale Viking armour. Other LARP gear in this category features a Celtic influence, many pieces decorated with Celtic knotwork. Stalwart LARP gear is great for historical and fantasy LARP settings alike, making them versatile pieces to carry and widely appealing to many customers.


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Our Ancient LARP gear all harkens back to long-ago Rome, Greece, and Persia. LARP Distribution offers wholesale Roman LARP armour, ancient Rome LARP swords, and Roman LARP shields, as well as gladiator LARP gear and select Persian LARP blades and armour pieces. These historical LARP products are very versatile and widely appealing, working well for both history-based and fantasy settings. Our ancient Rome LARP weapons will work in almost any LARP setting, and our Roman and Persian armour and clothing are suited for LARP events, historical reenactment, theatrical productions, and other costuming occasions.