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The wholesale medieval surcoats and period tabbards offered by LARP Distribution go great with our other pieces of wholesale knight clothing. Ideal for Crusaders and other medieval warriors, the wholesale LARP tabbards and reenactment surcoats come in various historical styles, as well as fantasy-inspired options. Though these pieces can be worn on their own, they also look amazing when cinched at the waist with our medieval belts. Check back regularly to see new items added to this growing section.
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Basic Medieval Tabard

Item # MCI-3005
Accurate to the middle ages, the Basic Medieval Tabard can complete any costume you wear it with. Bring your fantasy character to life at your next costume event while donning this traditional form of work clothing.

Black Ice Tabbard

Item # MCI-2656
Prepare for the LARP role you have been waiting for, and rid the ConQuest world of imperfections. Array yourself in the colors of the remorseless, yet efficient Black Ice infantry with the Black Ice Tabbard to set off your armour.

Luke Tabbard

Item # MCI-3363
The Force is strong with you and it is time to tell the world all about it! The Luke Tabbard is perfect for any aspiring Jedi wishing to dress like a master. Grab your hooded cloak and your lightsaber and become one with the Force!

Undead Tabbard

Item # MCI-2648
Baring the skull insignia of the Undead Flesh on its front flap, the Undead Tabbard is perfect for a soldier of the Bone Queen. This tabard is part of a special line created for ConQuest, the largest LARP gathering in Europe.

Youth Arthur Tabbard

Item # MCI-3379
Young squires often wear the colors of the knight they are training under as a sign of apprenticeship. Dress your young knight in the Youth Arthur Tabard and immerse them in a world where knights still ride atop their steeds!