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Our Stygian LARP gear at LARP Distribution all has a dark fantasy vibe, and the wholesale products we supply include LARP weapons, armour, and prosthetics befitting dark elves, sorcerers, witches, and more. Our dark elf LARP weapons are similar to those of the Ethereal LARP line but have a darker color scheme and more foreboding design elements. Here you will also find leather LARP armour pieces befitting assassins, sorcerers, and dark elf warriors, as well as our Epic Dark LARP armour. These steel armour pieces have all been given a darkened finish. Our dark elf prosthetics and make-up include face paint, elf ears, demon horns, and other costume effects to better transform LARPers into their character of choice. For wholesale LARP gear befitting a dark fantasy setting, shop our Ethereal LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and prosthetics.
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Assassin Sword - Special Edition

Item # MCI-2031
When a poison fails to take effect, or a dagger misses its mark, the Assassin Sword - Special Edition assists in cutting down the target quickly and efficiently. Wherever a LARP mission may take you, keep this sword at your side.

Assassins Leather Helmet

Item # MCI-2730
Join your fellow elves in an exciting journey to the human realm. Be prepared for a grand adventure and the wealth of unforgettable tales found only on the LARP battlefield with the Assassins Leather Helmet shielding your brow.

Battle Skirt

Item # MCI-3254
Lead your clan to victory against the great army that would oppress them. The Battle Skirt creates the right look for historical reenactment and LARP while offering the freedom of movement necessary to quickly strike down the enemy.

Black Ice Arm Bracer and Greave Set

Item # MCI-2653
Become a fierce warrior of the Black Ice infantry from the ConQuest universe by entrusting your forearms and shins to the Black Ice Arm Bracer and Greave Set. Join their mighty ranks the next time you step onto the LARP battlefield.

Black Ice Armour Package 1

Item # MCI-2652
The Black Ice Armour Package 1 includes stylized armour pieces suitable for a Rakh of the Black Ice NPC army from the ConQuest universe. With this licensed armour set, you get the tabard, leather belt, arm bracers, and greaves.

Black Ice Armour Package 2

Item # MCI-2651
For the LARP warrior who wishes to become a rakh of the Black Ice Essence, the Black Ice Armour Package 2 is the perfect fit. This ConQuest armour set includes the tabard, leather belt, arm bracers, greaves, pauldrons, and gorget.

Black Ice Battle Skirt

Item # MCI-3231
For the distinguished look of a skilled warrior, wear the Black Ice Battle Skirt. This heavy cotton garment features panels of dark blue and black which are split on every side for maximum mobility during fantasy LARP combat.

Black Ice Complete Armour Set

Item # MCI-2650
Gird yourself with armour fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Become an efficient, unyielding soldier of the Rakh from the ConQuest universe. Enter your next LARP battle fully suited with the Black Ice Complete Armour Set. This stylized armour package includes the cuirass, tabard, pauldrons, tasset belt, full leg armour, and bracers.

Black Ice Gauntlets

Item # MCI-2591
A good pair of gauntlets will do more than just keep your hands safe, even during the hectic chaos of battle. These Black Ice Gauntlets possess a distinctive fantasy style, as well as a level of protection that is difficult to beat.

Black Ice Helmet

Item # MCI-2654
Appear as a Rakh of the Black Ice Essence by combining your Black Ice armour set with the Black Ice Helmet. This officially licensed ConQuest helm is made from 18-gauge mild steel, able to withstand the harsh blows of LARP battle.

Black Ice Steel Leg Armour

Item # MCI-2655
According to legend, the armour of the Rakh is fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Enter the realm of ConQuest with the Black Ice Steel Leg Armour protecting your thighs and knees, and join the battle against the Imperfect.

Bone LARP Scimitar

Item # MCI-3407
Known across the realms for its ghostly appearance and bone handle, the Bone LARP Scimitar is a deadly weapon for a skilled warrior. This legendary hybrid scimitar is the culmination of Orcish and Dark Elven craftsmanship.