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LARP Distribution offers wholesale Sovereign LARP weapons and LARP clothing from Epic Armoury. Much of this wholesale LARP gear is historical in design, particularly inspired by medieval and Renaissance eras, as well as expanding to include some pirate styles. This category has many medieval steel armour pieces, including helmets, cuirasses, and limb armour, as well as medieval clothing essentials like tabards. A lot of our knightly LARP swords and heraldic LARP shields also fall under this category. For LARP clothing and weaponry befitting Arthurian knights, Crusaders, and landsknecht alike, this is the category to shop.

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White Lion LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3201
Defend the kingdom with the White Lion LARP Shield, beautifully crafted to resemble a historic shield well suited for noble knights and infantrymen. This live action roleplay shield has been designed for safety and ease of use.

Women's Pirate Shirt

Item # MCI-2341
Our Womens Pirate Shirt is just like a short chemise. It has elastic cuffs and a drawstring neckline allowing you to wear it on or off the shoulders. Made from 100 percent cotton, not only does it look great, but it is also comfortable.

Woodgrain Ready For Battle LARP Buckler

Item # MCI-3058
Perfect for a wide number of historical and fantasy characters, this Woodgrain Ready For Battle LARP Buckler features a design popular throughout the medieval and Renaissance periods for its maneuverability and range of uses.

Wool Cape

Item # MCI-2334
The Wool Cape is a must for any serious Ren Fair goer, LARPer, or SCA reenactor, especially in cold weather. This cape is made from quality wool and will keep you warm and dry in cold and wet weather. The cape ties at the neck.

Wool Godfrey Cape

Item # MCI-3305
Cloaks are an excellent way to keep your identity hidden! Their deep hoods provide shadows that cover your face, making them a favored item for rogues. The Wool Godfrey Cape will keep your face hidden, so that none may catch you.

Youth Arthur Tabbard

Item # MCI-3379
Young squires often wear the colors of the knight they are training under as a sign of apprenticeship. Dress your young knight in the Youth Arthur Tabard and immerse them in a world where knights still ride atop their steeds!

Youth Medieval Sam Hat

Item # MCI-3373
If your child is interested in attending Ren Faires, LARPing, or participating in reenactments, then you want the most comfortable pieces of clothing for them. The Youth Medieval Sam Hat is perfect for young reenactors and LARPers!

Youth Medieval Sam Pants

Item # MCI-3308
Life on a medieval farm is all about functionality and nothing but sturdy, comfortable pants, much like the Youth Medieval Sam Pants, will do. Your children will be putting these durable pants through a lot doing their chores.

Youth Medieval Sam Shirt

Item # MCI-3307
Dress your children comfortably in the Youth Medieval Sam Shirt. This childrens tunic is designed for comfort and is perfect for both genders and the sturdy design will hold up to their day of play without fear of ripping!