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LARP Distribution carries a number of wholesale LARP shirt options for men and women in a handful of great styles and colors. The wholesale medieval shirts and other wholesale Renaissance clothing take up most of the category, though we also carry kimono tops that go well with our other pieces of wholesale samurai apparel. Perfect for LARP swordsmen and mercenaries, these pieces of medieval apparel also go well with fantasy ensembles and LARP attire from other historical periods.
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Aramis Shirt

Item # MCI-3217
Swashbuckle your way through the battlefield, or wield your knightly rapier with finesse when you wear the Aramis Shirt. This versatile renaissance inspired shirt is great for a wide variety of historic reenactment or LARP looks.

Godfrey Shirt

Item # MCI-3126
The Godfrey Shirt is a loose, roguish garment made from light cotton and designed for both comfort and style. Available in black or off-white, the period shirt falls over the hip and is fitted with a subtle collar along the neckline.


Item # MCI-2351
The Kimono is an Asian inspired shirt with three-forth length sleeves. The sleeves are wide and should come down to about the middle of your forearm. The Kimono is long enough to be tucked into pants, but also can be worn over as well.

Medieval Landsknecht Shirt

Item # MCI-2359
The Landsknecht were a mercenary group that became a powerful military force during the late 15th and 16th centuries. This Medieval Landsknecht Shirt reflects the slashed sleeves and multicolored design that the group was famous for.

Medieval Swordsman Shirt

Item # MCI-2331
This shirt has the classic style you need for any period look, with a folded over collar, lace up front, and full sleeves. The sleeves also have ties at the cuff, so you can wear it with a full length sleeve or cinch it up at the elbow.

Medieval Undershirt

Item # MCI-3004
This item captures the spirit of such undergarments used during the Middle Ages, and it will enhance the authenticity of your characters look. Thus, no reenactor should be without this Medieval Undershirt!

Odin Shirt

Item # MCI-3127
The Odin Shirt is an early Middle Age-style garment with a long V-shaped neckline that is designed for both authenticity and style. The striking period shirt falls just above the hip and is made from comfortable, dyed cotton.

Women's Pirate Shirt

Item # MCI-2341
Our Womens Pirate Shirt is just like a short chemise. It has drawstring cuffs and drawstring neckline allowing you to wear it on or off the shoulders. Made from 100 percent cotton, not only does it look great, but it is also comfortable.

Youth Medieval Sam Shirt

Item # MCI-3307
Dress your children comfortably in the Youth Medieval Sam Shirt. This childrens tunic is designed for comfort and is perfect for both genders and the sturdy design will hold up to their day of play without fear of ripping!