Scabbards & Sheaths

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Felawen LARP Dagger Sheath

Item # MY100272
Made of high-quality leather, the Felawen LARP Dagger Sheath is a fantastically crafted sheath intended to carry one-sided knives and daggers. Available in various colors, this scabbard can be worn on either the right or left side.

Felawen LARP Elven Short Sword Sheath

Item # MY100274
For those who favor the short sword in LARP battles, the Felawen LARP Elven Short Sword Sheathprovides an excellent way to carry and store your favorite foam blade. Made of quality leather, this sheath can be worn in various ways.

Henry LARP Dagger Sheath

Item # MY100300
Hold your favorite LARP daggers and knives secure with the Henry LARP Dagger Sheath. Made of high-quality leather available in various colors, this sheath is ideal for conveniently carrying these small blades in authentic medieval style.

Henry LARP Sword Sheath

Item # MY100301
Keep your favorite LARP sword close at hand with the Henry LARP Sword Sheath, particularly ideal for carrying longswords. Made of high-quality leather, this sheath features a subtle yet stylish buckled leather strap detail on its front.

Jorge LARP Knife Scabbard

Item # MY100759
In the thick of battle, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you still have your throwing knife. Luckily, when you equip yourself with the Jorge LARP Knife Scabbard, worries like these will become a thing of the past!

Lucas LARP Canvas Sheath

Item # MY100462
Adventurers of every age should expect to run across the occasional dragon or dark knight when traveling through a LARP kingdom. The Lucas LARP Canvas Sheath ensures that the youngest of your party keeps their trusted foam swords close.

Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard

Item # MY100767
LARPing may be a lot safer for the warriors than fighting with steel weapons, but that does not mean that foam weapons cannot get damaged. Make sure your LARP knives are in good shape by keeping them in the Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard.