Wool Cloak with Mantle


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Cold weather should not ever put a damper on your medieval experience, especially not when this Wool Cloak with Mantle is available. It is made from fine wool and features a typical cloak design paired with a simple cowl that goes over the shoulders. Being made from nice, thick wool, this cloak is appropriately heavy when it comes to garments that will keep you warm, making this a great fall and winter cloak. It is relatively simple in design, draping over the shoulders to cover your frame, while the mantle provides an additional layer, both literally and in terms of style. The benefit of a hood is also a great inclusion, as it ensures that you have a great way to keep your head warm, dry, or suitably garbed. This cloak is a full-sized cloak, which means that when worn, it should hang down past your knees, close to your calfs or below (depending on wearer height). It is available in two different colors, either dark grey or dark red. If you are planning a winter excursion into the realm of medieval reenactment, do not leave home without this Wool Cloak with Mantle. Hot or cold, rain or shine, this cloak will provide you with the protection you desire, while still featuring all the great style of a typical medieval cloak.

Key Features:

  • Features a mid-calf cape with hood and mantle
  • Fashioned from heavy, water-tight materials
  • Designed to be pulled over the head
  • Mantle is sewn onto the cloak
  • Offers protection from snow and rain
  • Perfect for LARP and other roleplay activities


  • Made of a wool-polyester-nylon blend


  • Length: 53 Inches
  • Neck Circumference: 20 Inches
  • Hood Height: 14.5 Inches
  • Hood Depth: 16 Inches
  • Shoulder Width: 20 Inches

Dark Grey, Dark Red

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