White Horn Historical Weaving Card


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Someone cosplaying or reenacting the role of a medieval weaver will need some unique accessories such as this White Horn Historical Weaving Card. Made of real white horn, this square weaving card resembles historical versions. Weaving cards are still in use today in tablet weaving. This card has four holes, one at each of the rounded corners. Double lines connect the holes in opposite corners. This card makes a great collectible or display piece. It is also wonderful for use at historical reenactments.

Please be aware this is made from natural materials, therefore, it may vary slightly from above.

If you want to weave with this item, please note that more than one will be needed.

Key Features:

  • Resembles historical cards
  • Fully functional
  • Double line detail
  • Four hole design
  • Great for reenactments or collecting


  • Made from natural white horn


Measurements coming soon.

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