Roman Velites Javelin Head


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The legions march. The auxiliary cohorts of the Velites form ranks before the enemy, ready to deliver their deadly javelin payload. Using the Roman Velites Javelin Head, you can join the ranks of the Republic’s unsung heroes from the Punic and Social Wars of the 3rd to 1st Centuries BCE.

True Roman Spearheads For True Roman Javelins

Step into the sandals of the Velites, the iconic soldier of the Roman Auxilia, with this Roman javelin head, fighting for the survival of Rome and the glory of your legion. Starting with the craftsmanship, this Roman pilum head pays homage to the ingenuity and skill of ancient blacksmiths, restored with modern-day techniques.

Featuring a wide and sharpened triangular point, this Roman spearhead is ready for any practical demonstrations or reenactments. Furthermore, a hole near the end of the socket allows this javelin spear tip to be fastened securely to most spear hafts. This spear is functional for staged combat and reenactments.

Not to mention, this makes assembling your ideal spear straightforward and adaptable. Please note, the rivet is not included. Likewise, this spear end caps off any haft with a solid build and impressive length of 9.5 inches. Whether you’re restoring an old haft or creating a new one, this steel spear tip will fit seamlessly.

For the Republic!

Emblematic of the Roman Auxiliary Cohorts, the Velites were light infantry that played crucial roles in the formations of the Early to Late Roman Republic. Owning this Roman spear piece connects you to the strategic might and flexibility of Rome’s ruthless war machine.

Also, the thin neck along the length of this spearhead allowed for javelins to be thrown and deliberately bend when striking a shield, weighing the shield down and depriving the enemy of his primary defense. This design not only reflects historical accuracy but also demonstrates the tactical genius of Roman military technology through its capacity for serious damage.

Whether you throw it or wield it in hand-to-hand combat, you should treat this steel javelin head as a formidable force and handle it with the utmost respect and care. To clarify, we do not recommend using this spear tip in SCA or heavy medieval combat, and urge handling it with extreme caution during reenactments or demonstrations.

Badge of the Early Roman Auxiliary Cohorts

Perfect for historians, reenactors, and collectors, this steel Roman spear tip offers a unique opportunity to own, display, and utilize a piece of Roman military heritage. Furthermore, bring the past to life with this exquisite hand crafted steel javelin tip, and carry the legacy of the Velites into the future.

As a collectible, this Velite javelin spearhead engages an authentic Roman experience in your abode, whether you’re topping off the perfect length spear or letting it rest on a weapon rack. Moreover, you can keep this spear tip as a nod to history in your private space, sitting on a prominent shelf or decorating your office.

Key Features:

  • Solid Pilum Build: Built with a triangular blade and thin neck, this spear tip ensures strength and durability whether thrown or used on a thrusting spear.
  • Compatible with Most Spear Hafts: Featuring a wide socket and open hole for fastening, this steel pilum can fit onto most spear hafts.
  • Sharpened for Reenactment/Demonstration: Sharpened for penetrating intended targets, use this Roman weapon piece with caution during demonstrations or reenactment scenarios.
  • Auxiliary Inspired Design: Taking inspiration from the Roman Auxiliary Cohorts, you can bring home the essence of ancient warfare into your collection.


  • Made of carbon steel


  • Length: 9.5 Inches
  • Socket Diameter: 0.6 Inch

Measurements are approximate.

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