Replacement String for 140cm IDV Bows


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Finding yourself with a worn out or broken bowstring and no replacement can be about as embarrassing as forgetting to bring arrows! Save yourself the misery and keep a Replacement String for 140cm IDV Bows on you at all times! Just as the name suggests, this is a backup bowstring for IDV LARP bows, should you ever need to replace a broken or worn out bowstring. This bowstring is durable, and its lifespan can be prolonged by unstringing your bow when not in use. Never find yourself without a backup bowstring by keeping this replacement in your LARP gear!

Key Features:

  • Sized to fit 140cm IDV LARP bows
  • A durable and reliable LARP bowstring
  • Perfect for any LARP archer


  • Made from¬†dacron string

Care Instructions:

  • To prolong bowstring life, unstring bow after each use.


  • Length: 55.1 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in
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