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Throughout the early-16th to late-18th Centuries, the rapier was a common dueling weapon and a popular choice for ambitious nobles throughout Europe. Whether you’re accepting a challenge to defend your honor or sparring with comrades, the Rapier Steel Cup Hilt will be your trusted companion on your fencing journey.

Accept the Challenge and Become A Champion

Imagine yourself as a Renaissance fencer, stepping onto the cobbled streets of Milan or Rome, rapier at the ready for your next foe. Drawing inspiration from cultures like Italy, France, and Spain, this historical fencer guard is a bridge to the genteel age of the Renaissance.

Featuring wide coverage over the hand, this foil cup ensures your protection and a good balance for your sword. Additionally, the mild steel fencing sword cup will give your blade an unmistakable identity and promises durability in any combat encounter. Following that, this rapier cup hilt is hand forged with mild steel studs reinforcing your sword during daring duels.

In addition, crossbars on the side of this steel rapier cup provide balance and extra protection while you’re in a tournament or practicing at home. Likewise, the arch of the lower cup protects the hand and wrist as its own knuckle guard for versatility.

This Renaissance foil guard is compatible with almost any rapier blade, striking a perfect balance between bravado and adaptability. Moreover, this epee cup guard has a spacious interior, perfect for giving your grip breathability and mobility.

Become a Renaissance Maestro in Style

Imagine the duels you’ll win, the slash and thrust of the blade, the dance between you and your opponent ending in a decisive victory or a close defeat. Thrust, cut, parry, and riposte with confidence thanks to the circular design of this Rapier Steel Cup Hilt. Accessorize your Renaissance fencer costume with this steel sword cup attached to your rapier, making you stand out from the crowd.

Now, this medieval fencer cup hilt will add that finishing touch to your blade, bringing your Renaissance character idea to life. Conversely, you might want to keep your Renaissance rapier blade as a completed set for your collection, hanging on a wall reminiscing on duels won and grudges avenged.

After all, when honor has been avenged and your quest is over, why not rest on your laurels with this rapier guard as your final collectible? In conclusion, step back into the age of gallantry and bravado with the Rapier Steel Cup Hilt, a finely crafted piece for the finesse of Renaissance-era sword masters.

Key Features:

  • Protective Arch Cover: The arch on the bottom of this guard ensures your handling remains protected in any duel.
  • Spacious Interior: With plenty of room for the handle and blade, this cup guard’s interior is comfortable for any grip.
  • Blade Compatibility: Slip this guard over nearly any rapier blade for a perfect fit.
  • Mild Steel Forged: Forged from mild steel, this rapier cup hilt stays reliable and durable over time.


  • Made of mild steel

Care Instructions:


  • Circumference: 7.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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