Meera Shoulder Bag


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For those who want a bag or pouch that has a historical feel or one that they can customize, the Meera Shoulder Bag is a wonderful option to look at. Made from premium leather, this shoulder bag comes in black, brown, bordeaux, or olive. This bag secures shut with a large leather tongue that is a part of the front flap. That part of the flap slides into an attached loop. Next, leather ties holds the entire bag together. The ties weave through holes in the leather and then are knotted closed. The shoulder strap is similarly attached. Unlace the ties, if desired, and you can customize the different parts of the bag. This bag is great for LARP events, historical reenactments, or fantasy cosplay.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Secures with part of front flap
  • Held together with lacing
  • Has a shoulder strap
  • Great for customization and DIY projects
  • Wonderful for LARP events, reenactments, and more


  • Made from premium leather
HeightWidthDepthStrap Length
One Size7.9 inches13 inches3.5 inches59.1 inches

Black, Bordeaux, Brown

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