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Blend traditional craftsmanship with a timeless design that brings the allure of the Medieval era right into your wardrobe. This hand forged Medieval Iron Leaf Cloak Pin is an emblem of history just as much as it is a fastening device for your pristine cloaks.

Statement of Style and Elegance

Each cloak pin is meticulously crafted by hand, using sturdy iron to guarantee durability and imbue each piece with historical passion. Furthermore, nature inspires this leaf cloak pin, with leaf-shaped ends that elegantly loop around the central circular design and meet in the middle.

Initially, this heirloom cloak pin may look like a simple brooch, but it can also enhance any outfit as a decorative piece. Additionally, this medieval fantasy pin includes a center pin that rotates smoothly for easy adjustment. At 3.14 inches long, this cloak brooch is perfectly sized to make a statement while keeping your style intact.

Enhance Your Love for Antique Jewelry

Both a testament to artisan craftsmanship and a versatile addition to your wardrobe, this medieval cloak pin is a piece you’ll treasure and hand down to your future dynasty. In addition, this circular design for the cloak pin enhances the aesthetic appeal and can make you feel like an ancient noble hero.

Moreover, this medieval pin is perfect for completing your ensemble in Renaissance fairs, reenactments, and even modern settings to flaunt your style. Consequently, its authentic medieval look can add an element of historical chic to any ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Hand Forged Iron: Crafted from pure iron, this Fleur de Lis Iron Leaf Cloak adds a stunning touch to any outfit.
  • Leaf-Shaped Ends: Embody the spirit of nature with this cloak pin’s unique aesthetic.
  • Aesthetic Circular Design: The unique circular design serves as both a functional base and decorative element.
  • Rotatable Center Pin: Adjust the pin in the center that best complements your outfit.
  • Dimensional Details: At approximately 3.14 inches, this cloak brooch is easily portable and fits in your hand.

Directions for Pinning Your Cloak to Your Fibula/Brooch:

  • Pierce the cloth where you want your pin to be holding your cloak.
  • Then pass the pin between the ends of the ring.
  • Rotate the ring 90 degrees under the pin tip.
  • Let it go, and the fabric will press the pin on the ring and close the brooch.


  • Made of pure iron.

Care Instructions:

  • Oil regularly to prevent rusting.


  • Diameter: 3.1 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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