Medieval Belt Pouch with Black Trim


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Whether you are keeping your coins safe from thieves or doing the thieving yourself, you need a pouch you can keep close at hand, guarded by your watchful eye. The Medieval Belt Pouch with Black Trim is the perfect accessory for you! This leather pouch is the perfect size for the storage of coins, stones, or other small trinkets. On the front of this black medieval pouch is a black panel of leather accented with steel tone rivets. The opening of the pouch is cinched shut with a drawstring cord that ties in front of this leather panel. At the top, the pouch also features a loop for easily attaching it to almost any medieval belt. With the Medieval Belt Pouch with Black Trim, you can rest assured that your coinage will be safe and sound at your next LARP, Renaissance fair, or reenactment event.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for storing coins, stones, or other small items
  • Features a front black leather panel
  • Secures shut with drawstring tie
  • Easily attaches to most medieval belts
  • Makes a great LARP or Renaissance fair accessory


  • Made from leather
Overall HeightPouch HeightWidthDepthBelt Loop
One Size9 inches6 inches5 inches4 inches2.5 inches
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