Marauder LARP Sword – Eroded – 96 cm


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In this chaotic world, you raid and pillage to survive. You take what you need by defeating others in battle with the Eroded Marauder LARP Sword. This Stronghold LARP weapon has a lightweight, latex free construction safe for tough combat. The silver-colored blade has double edges with a fuller down its length. Next, the foam sword continues with an ornate crossguard. The crossguard has straight arms with ends that point towards the blade. Small ridges adorn the ends of the crossguard. In the center, the crossguard has a skull design with a flame-like tongue.

Then, there is a smaller rod that also works as a crossguard. The hilt continues with a beige grip. This grip resembles a wrapped strip of cloth. Finally, the hilt ends with a ring for a pommel. Small spikes adorn the outside of the ring. Overall, the hilt has some gold-colored accents against a dark grey background. This foam sword makes a great weapon to carry to a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

The Eroded Marauder LARP Sword is approximately 37.8 Inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is a handmade item.

Stronghold weapons are designed for tough LARP combat and have a unique Epic Foam construction that does not contain latex. They weigh the same as latex weapons, have cushioned edges, and are stab-proof, making them safe for LARP battle. The hilts are made of polyurethane foam. The painted finish on the blade will wear from regular use. Use 100 ml LARP Protection Gel Silicone (MCI-3722) to protect the finish. Marks on the blade will occur after prolonged use, though the integrity of the foam itself will not be affected.

Key Features:

  • Skull detailing
  • Beige-colored, wrapped grip
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Great for rogues, bandits, and mercenaries
  • Wonderful for LARP battles and cosplay conventions


  • Blade is shred resistant Epic Foam
  • Core is a fiberglass rod
  • Hilt is a polyurethane cast

Care Instructions:

This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is a handmade item.
Overall LengthBlade LengthGrip LengthHandle CircumferenceBlade WidthGuard WidthWeight
One Size37.8 inches25.6 inches4.7 inches4.3 inches2.4 inches9.4 inches14.6 ounces
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