Forged Double Loop Fire Striker


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When camping or reenacting, you need a way to properly start a fire. The Forged Double Loop Fire Striker completes this task in the historical method. This high carbon steel striker has a rounded shape for an easier grip. One side is flat and straight with a textured finish for striking a flint or other non-porous rock, not included, to create sparks. The other side finishes into two delicate looped ends. Add this hand forged striker to your reenacting or camping gear or display it.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Straight edge for striking
  • Rounded shape for an easier grip
  • Looped end detail
  • Hand forged construction
  • Great for reenacting and camping


  • Hand forged from high carbon steel


  • Length: 3.6 Inches
  • Width: 1.3 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.3 Inch
  • Weight: 1.7 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.

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