Floki Viking Bearded Axe with Sheath


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Introducing the Floki Viking Bearded Axe with Sheath, a must-have for any historical Viking reenactment or camp. This hand-forged Viking axe is a stunning addition to your weapons collection, bringing an authentic touch of Norse warrior style.

Authentic Bearded Axe Style

The medieval-style axe features a distinctive bearded axe head, reminiscent of the weapons wielded by fierce Northern warriors.

Bearded axes, also known as Skeggöx in Old Norse, were prevalent during the Viking Age. The unique design of the bearded axe head allowed for a longer cutting edge without adding excessive weight. Thus, the Viking axe made a formidable tool for both camp and combat. The beard of the axe head could also be used for hooking an opponent’s shield or weapon, providing a strategic advantage in battle.

Crafted from durable carbon steel, this functional battle-ready axe boasts a robust and efficient construction. The axe head showcases a darkened, rustic finish that highlights its hand-forged creation, adding to its authentic appeal.

Versatile Wielding

The Viking axe head is skillfully attached to a short, teak wood haft. The richly stained haft provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for versatile wielding techniques. Whether you prefer one-handed strikes or powerful two-handed swings, this axe is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Ready for Battle or Camp

To ensure safe storage and transport, the Floki Viking Bearded Axe comes with a thoughtfully designed leather sheath. The sheath effectively covers the bearded blade, protecting both the axe and its surroundings. A self-tie leather cord secures the sheath in place, providing peace of mind during travel or display.

This exceptional Viking bearded axe is perfect for medieval enthusiasts, Renaissance faire attendees, medieval reenactors, history buffs, cosplay participants, and weapons collectors alike. Whether you’re participating in a Viking reenactment, attending a historical event, or simply appreciating the craftsmanship of a bygone era, the Floki Viking Bearded Axe with Sheath is an essential addition to your collection.

Experience the thrill of wielding a piece of Viking history with the Floki Viking Bearded Axe with Sheath. Embrace the spirit of the Norse warriors and elevate your historical reenactments with this meticulously crafted and battle-ready axe.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: The bearded axe head’s historical appearance brings a touch of authenticity to Viking reenactments and displays.
  • Functional and Battle-Ready: Crafted from durable carbon steel for robustness in both reenactment combat and practical use.
  • Versatile Handling: A comfortable teak wood haft allows for both one-handed and two-handed wielding techniques.
  • Strategic Advantage in Battle: The bearded design is not only historically accurate but also provides practical use in hooking an opponent’s shield or weapon.
  • Portable and Safe: Comes with a custom leather sheath for safe transport and storage, ensuring durability and longevity of the axe.
    • Materials:

      • Axe head made of high carbon steel with teakwood haft and leather sheath.


      • Length: 23 Inches
      • Blade Width: 6.1 Inches
      • Blade Edge Length: 4.3 Inches
      • Sheath Length: 5.9 Inches
      • Sheath Width: 3.6 Inches

      Measurements are approximate.

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