Fenrir Round Wooden Viking Shield


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Bring the fury of the wolf to battle with the Fenrir Round Wooden Viking Shield! This bold red wooden shield makes a functional addition to your Norseman reenactment kit! Made of sturdy wood with mild steel fittings, it is ready to intimidate your foes and lend you extra defense.

The handcrafted Viking shield features a triple headed wolf design on the front. Knotwork detail forms each black wolf head, and they each show their vicious fangs. The black wolf heads boldly contrast with the bright red shield color.

Made of 16 gauge mild steel, the shield boss (or umbo) helps deflect the blows of your opponents. Then, mild steel riveted around its edges reinforces the shield structure.

Add to the immersion of your Viking reenactment with this functional Viking shield. Its design pays homage to the monstrous Fenrir from Norse mythology. Son of Loki, this wolf plays a pivotal role in Ragnarok, the end of the Viking gods.

And you can bring Ragnarok to your foes when you carry this wolf shield into the fray! A sturdy, reinforced wooden handle at the back of the boss makes it easy to carry and maneuver. This leaves one hand free to wield your favorite Viking axe or sword.

No Nordic warrior should be without a sturdy shield. An impressive way to bring defense to your kit, this functional shield even works as a Viking costume accessory or reenactment prop. Have your friends add this shield to their kits and form an epic shield wall at your next battle!

Key Features:

  • Fully functional shield, great for reenactment
  • Hand painted front features Viking wolf design
  • Dark wash gives the steel a battle-weathered look
  • Reinforced handle for a confident hold
  • Must-have for Viking warriors


  • Made of wood with mild steel fittings
  • Shield boss made of 16 gauge mild steel


    • Diameter: 24 Inches
    • Thickness: 0.5 Inch

Measurements are approximate.

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